SASSUOLO, ITALY -- Blustyle by Cotto d’Este, a brand that produces high-quality porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings with a traditional thickness, recently introduced an extension of the Green Wood collection, with the new Gold version, the most accurate and elegant interpretation of Top Select Oak, as a distinctive feature of contemporary living.

Green Wood is based on the idea of recreating the uniqueness and warmth of wooden floors with a natural and elegant imprint on the surface of the ceramic material. A ceramic surface designed to be caressed, admired and experienced, Green Wood offers porcelain stoneware slabs with an excellent finish and outstanding quality that evoke the beauty and emotion of nature.

The balance between the graphic texture and the surface structure is perfectly balanced and harmonious. There are three available color versions:

  • Bay: natural light oak. It is the most discreet and versatile shade. Its unique luminosity lends warmth and charm to any room. A unique design with natural vein patterns and an extremely natural surface with a matt reflection.
  • Oak: natural oak that accurately reproduces the warmth of real wood. The vein patterns are deep and detailed and this attention to detail, combined with extreme realism, gives a sensation of comfort and relaxation.
  •  Ash: warm gray, distinctive and contemporary. A very striking shade that can highlight design objects and elements. Ideal for modern environments and spaces.

Presented in the traditional 9.5 mm thickness in the 20- x 120-cm size, it comes in a Naturale version with clearly visible knots and streaks and a distinctive structure inspired by hand-planed wood.

The Gold finish, by contrast, has an elegant style, thanks to the lack of knots and harmonious wood fibres. The surface, which is soft to the touch, is matte and characterized by micro-cracks that make the reflection realistic and textured. The small grooves and slats visible when backlit and the rectified edges enhance the elegant appearance of the floor surface.

Green Wood’s clean and varied graphic designs strongly characterize the environment: the home, public spaces and places for meetings, hospitality and interaction.

Its remarkable versatility enables multiple combinations and uses in interior design, while ensuring that it is both functional and attractive. Highly durable flooring, guaranteed for 20 years, Green Wood boasts excellent technical properties and is durable, safe and extremely easy to clean and maintain over time.