UPLAND, CA -- Maison, the studio for the design, manufacturing and distribution of luxury artisanal tile and mosaics, recently announced the appointment of Guy Hargreaves and Barbie Kennedy the company’s North American sales team. Guy will serve as the North America sales agent, leading accounts in all 50 states and supporting the company’s innovation strategy. Barbie will cover and scale operations as both the East Coast sales agent and Resident Designer.

Together, Guy and Barbie bring over 40 years of industry experience to Maison.

With two decades of industry experience creating successful traction in the market, Guy easily connects with the industry throughout the country. After playing collegiate football for Boise State and graduating from the University of California Santa Barbara, Guy went on to work for top hard surface companies throughout the U.S. His drive for success has helped him build a reputation for creating mutually beneficial collaborations with customers and business partners. His continued dedication has earned him accolades along the way, consistently being recognized as the top producer for the past 20 years.

Guy’s endeavors will continue to push Maison’s extensive product and creative collections to new heights in the marketplace.

Barbie was born in the trade. She grew up at her parent’s tile distribution company in Florida, where she first learned the business and fell in love with tile design. This early formative experience moved Barbie towards her career path. Graduating with an Interior Design Degree from Seminole College, Barbie has since helped renowned tile and stone companies grow their business globally. She spearheads numerous creative collections, including her latest: Garden Party.

Barbie has been waiting for the right time to allow her extensive creative experience to move the industry forward -- and with Maison, that time is now.

Guy and Barbie join Tiffany Russo, who has played an instrumental role in Maison’s growth, leading the company’s operations and marketing initiatives since its founding.

“We are happy to welcome Guy and Barbie to the Maison family. They bring a wealth of experience and will help create value for our growing customer base,” said Jay Nadeau, co-founder of Maison. “We are thrilled they join us now, at a time when we position the company to drive the industry forward by removing the barriers between designers and the tools they need to get the job done. Our all-encompassing system offers designers the endless creative flexibility they need to truly give form to their vision, and we are excited to take this next step together.”
Thanks to its comprehensive model, Maison has a tremendous opportunity to continue scaling the business domestically, internationally and through multiple new channels.

While making grand strides in the industry, Maison continues to be a family owned business, headquartered in Upland, CA. Jay founded the company with his wife Crystal in 2006. Together, the couple has grown Maison to what it is today -- a premier international designer, manufacturer and distributor of luxury artisanal tile and mosaics.

The company built its name in the industry by focusing on curated materials and one-of-a-kind styles. Their continued passion for using salvaged materials, recycled glass with slip resistance technology, eco-friendly and state-of-the-art manufacturing sets them apart, and their all-encompassing studio strategy will ensure lasting quality at every step of the process.

The company has been a leader in innovation in the industry and will set a new industry standard early next year with the launch of its new customer-direct service offering.

To learn more about Maison, visit www.maisonsurface.com.