Tempio, part of Cerámica Mayor, recently created a ventilated facade for an office building in South Korea utilizing the FS-20 profile from its FS System, an alveolar piece system that was designed with the needs of the international market in mind. This innovative system of vertical and horizontal overlapping joints prevents rainwater from entering and its 20-mm thickness provides great resistance to impact. It is easy to replace the pieces and practical to hide installations.

Its placing, with a wider perpend, fairly marks the horizontality of the pieces. The system has a special aluminum clamp that holds the piece and links it to the structure.

When installing it, the weights and levels are constantly checked. Professionals from the Tempio team fix the brackets to the structure with a mechanical anchor and to the wall using a chemical anchor. The anchors will be the most suitable according to the quality of the wall. The vertical profile is fixed to the brackets with steel rivets, so it allows the dilation of the aluminum. To complete this aspect, professionals rivet a fixed point above and the following with mobile points -- following the guideline throughout the building’s entire vertical line. A laminated aluminum spring completes the structure, which closes the vertical joint and absorbs the vibrations introduced by external agents. Once the structure is finished, the pieces are placed with the aluminum clamps.

Five different sizes of the pieces were used to create the exterior facade -- 300 x 590, 300 x 1030, 200 x 1190, 300 x 1204 and 300 x 1390 cm -- in the color, “EM2220 White Madrid.”