CASALGRANDE, ITALY -- Color takes center stage with Atelier, the new porcelain stoneware tile collection that completes and complements the vast Casalgrande Padana range.

The Atelier collection consists of large-format monolith tiles (from 40 x 120 to 60 x 120 cm and from 120 x 120 to 120 x 278 cm) that are only 6.5 mm thick. The palette includes eight monochrome colors: Brume, Cristallo, Lavanda, Fiordaliso, Indaco, Rubino and Oltremare. The 30- x 30-cm mosaic tiles, as well as 5- x 5- and 5- x 15-cm pieces, complete the range. The Casalgrande Padana Atelier collection brings an original and elegant touch to any room with its sophisticated play of light and color contrasts.

Atelier is a kaleidoscope of pastel porcelain stoneware tiles created to complement the cement-, wood-, marble-, metal- or stone-effect collections. They are perfect for large vertical, sloping or curved surfaces, for an entire wall or even just a portion of it in domestic and public spaces.

A modern and versatile collection of porcelain stoneware tiles that embodies the expressive possibilities of color in line with the latest trends. The ideal choice for decorating, personalizing or improving any classic or contemporary interior design project, from metropolitan lofts to Nordic-style settings.

Creating visual continuity with the Atelier collection is easy, especially with the new 120- x 278-cm format. That’s because these rectified (i.e. perfectly square) tiles can be laid with minimal grout lines and without having to cut them. The reduced thickness of these tiles (only 6.5 mm) and a vast selection of colors create a wallpaper effect perfect for niches and recessed bookcases, partition and feature walls, flush doors or elegant surfaces that create continuity with the walls. Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles team up with furniture, accessories and curtains and become a furnishing that adds elegance to your spaces.

These porcelain stoneware tiles are easy to lay and clean. They are also, non-allergic, fire-resistant, durable, hard-wearing, non-absorbent and feature excellent flexural strength. They are made using solely natural raw materials, without paint, plastic or harmful substances, through a closed-loop production process, which reuses or recycles all components, achieving virtually zero emissions and dispersion: 0% harmful emissions, 100% environmental impact reduction, 99.5% waste recovered, 74% self-produced energy and 100% environmentally sustainable packaging.

Plus, the Bios Antibacterial® technology allows Casalgrande Padana tiles to reduce the four main bacterial strains and combat odours, mould, yeasts and fungi in any setting. This treatment is integrated permanently into the tiles; therefore, their antibacterial properties don’t decrease over time. The Bios Antibacterial® shield always remains active, day and night, with or without sunlight or UV light.

As for facades, the Bios Self-Cleaning® technology can decompose the dirt left on the tiles’ surface and reduce air pollutants, thereby improving air quality. For example, using Bios Self-Cleaning® over a 1,000-square-meter facade purifies the air as much as a wooded area as big as a football pitch. It also eliminates the nitrogen oxides emitted by 70 cars throughout a day.

These porcelain stoneware tiles are perfect for both floors and walls, but also for covering worktops, washbasins, tables, cupboards, wardrobes and doors. Versatile and functional, they are a great choice if you have underfloor heating.