New Delhi is a busy and dynamic, big megalopolis that grows and evolves even in design and architecture like few other places in the world. Here, Sicis wanted to confirm its presence and get closer to architects, interiors and professionals, opening a new showroom, in partnership with a well-known company in the field of interiors and architecture projects, Tessera India.

The prestigious building that houses “Casa Sicis,” close to the Quṭb Minaret, the tallest in the world in bricks, is located in the Mehrauli district/city, which has become an important financial and industrial center in the last decade.

A space of over 400 square meters, with three windows overlooking a street full of vital energy.

For Sicis, this place represents a way to overcome the uniform and sparkling settings, but devoid of real sensations; instead, it wants to present an experiential path, an idea of ​​interior design that is a mirror of an extremely dense lifestyle, expressed through its own creations. Elegant and convivial environments that can make you dream, full of liveable emotions.
The furnishings blend harmoniously with precious mosaic surfaces and refined compositions in Vetrite, unique products and details made vibrant by crucial craftsmanship where the Italian culture is perceived.

Every single element enhances the excellence in processing and in the choice of raw materials. Rooms that know how to tell stories and reveal overall harmony.

Mosaic, Vetrite, innovative surfaces, furnishings, lights, accessories, exclusive fabrics, in a single three-dimensional work, refined atmospheres with a strong contemporary and international imprint.

A team of experts is available to describe each piece of furniture or accessory and interpret new interior design identities, transmitting the charm that Sicis knows how to give to its product such as mosaic and Vetrite installations. A point of reference for professionals and customers who are passionate about high-quality Italian design.