Bernadett Fazekas, a talented contemporary interior designer, recently created a truly unique project in the beautiful Debrecen in Hungary. A Clubhouse where one has the impression of walking curiously in a street of a parallel city, with a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere.

The materials used are in themselves special and very performing. Vetrite, glass slabs for coating patented by Sicis, cover most of the surfaces of the ambience and are combined with really impacting artistic mosaics, made in the Sicis factory, one of which based on the drawing by Viktor Friedl, a famous Hungarian painter. It is an art mosaic work with a unique and memorable style as all of the artist’s works.

With its distinctive and inviting rhythm, Viktor’s work draws us in so that we can feel the energy of smartly dressed gentlemen moving around an imaginary metropolis. And it is precisely this opera that marks the flow of the different areas of the house.

The rooms take you out of the routine of daily life.

The visitor arrives in a wholly avulsed place, which symbolizes a space alienated from the real world, remarked by the planets on the wall of the bar room, with the Saturno Contro composition in Vetrite and artistic mosaic.

The “moonrock” metal surface of Vetrite Pergamino Grey covers the walls and the bar countertop. The mirror used on the ceiling with the lamps symbolizes the stars and infinity.