DENVER, CO -- QuickDrain USA, a premier manufacturer of sustainable curbless and curbed shower solutions, recently announced the arrival of new decorative covers and finishes compatible across its linear and square drain (or point drain) collections -- offering more design versatility for homeowners, designers and installers with on-trend styles to suit every preference.

QuickDrain’s expanded line of covers and finishes, available for SquareDrain, ShowerLine and ProLine drains, complements all major design trends, including mid-century modern, industrial, contemporary and modern farmhouse -- making them an ideal choice for both residential and hospitality showers. From striking metallics to bold black finishes and sleek silhouettes, it’s easy to mix and match QuickDrain with any bathroom aesthetic.

New to QuickDrain’s line of covers are the Stones and Deco designs, each featuring intricate and modern detailing. Stones offers a soft pebble pattern made to enhance earthy, natural aesthetics with its organic-looking texture, while Deco’s sharp, geometric lines are architecturally inspired and pair well with current tile trends. Previously existing covers -- Tile-In, Vertical, Lines, Stream and Cosmo -- also continue to be available. Stream and Cosmo were exclusively designed in collaboration with the world-renowned Michael Graves Architecture & Design.