PEWAUKEE, WI -- Ceramic Tool Company recently introduced a new anodized finish, “Champagne,” to its existing five finishes on metal trims. The “Champagne” finish joins “Satin Silver,” “Light Bronze,” “Medium Bronze,” “Dark Bronze” and “Black” anodized colors -- available on all current product lines, including “L” angles, carpet trims, reducers and metal transitions for soft surface flooring.

“We noticed that there was a high demand for a color one or two shades lighter than our current ‘Light Bronze’ and were able to work with an anodizer to create the ‘Champagne’ color,” said April Short, marketing director for Ceramic Tool Company. “It was pretty popular as soon as we started sending samples out to designers and architects, and we have even started seeing specifications labeled with the new finish.”

Samples are available by request. Contact April Short directly at (262) 522-6332 or email You can also contact Peggy Heuler at (262) 522-6334 or