SASSUOLO, ITALY -- Recently, colors like staying in pairs. From the classic black and white to Pantone 2021 yellow and gray, up to the softer tone-on-tone combinations, today two-tone is the trend for design. Mosaico+ interprets this trend with P-Saico Mélange, the collection designed by Marialaura Rossiello for Studio Irvine.

P-Saico, designed in 2019, is embellished with four two-tone palettes, which provide an original new interpretation of the historical Venetian balcony. The four two-tone versions of P-Saico alternate clean chromatic contrasts with more harmonious combinations. A mix of colors, which is perceived in an extremely different way depending on the shade of the used plaster, too. For surfaces for the best customization, ready to be noticed now with discretion now with more daring effects.

The collection P-Saico of Mosaico+ introduces a new idea of mosaic. If the tiles of a mosaic are traditionally placed regularly and geometrically, the rectangular tessera, P-Saico consists of are, on the contrary, placed randomly, with a space varying from 2 to 6 mm. In addition, every tessera has an irregular surface, thus generating a three-dimensional material effect.

However, the randomness of P-Saico is illusory only. In fact, the P-Saico tiles, which are broken into 1- x 3-cm pieces, are supplied being pre-assembled on a net (300 x 320 mm) and the modules match with a perfect joint giving a visual continuity to the surface. Therefore, the irregular setting hides a careful balancing between dimensions and spaces. A regular randomness which is inspired by the study of Opus Incertum, a building technique dating back to Roman times, based on the use of small and irregular cutting stones set randomly.

P-Saico revolutionizes the idea of mosaic not only for its irregular setting, but also for the material it is made of: porcelain stoneware. It is a material which considerably increases the traditional chances to use mosaic making it be suitable for wall, as well as for floor applications.

Thanks to its strongly innovative character, the collection P-Saico of Mosaico+ was published

in the ADI Design Index 2020, the prestigious volume, which gathers the projects candidates for the 2022 Compasso d’Oro (Golden Compass) ADI.