ONDA, CASTELLON, SPAIN -- Digital transformation is a process that involves the reorganization of working methods and strategies in all types of organizations through the digitization of methodologies and the dynamic implementation of new technologies. Gayafores is adapting to these new circumstances by carrying out different actions, including the launch of interactive applications (app) to present its new ceramic products. The aim is to respond to a changing world in which new customer profiles demand more proximity, more immediacy and more practicality through innovative online formats that improve their experience and knowledge regarding the value propositions of products and services.

After presenting the interactive applications for collections Lavik and Canyon, Gayafores now launches a new version developed exclusively for the latest hydraulic collections: Grace, Musa and Nautic. This tool allows users to explore their creativity, play with designs and experiment with the various functionalities.

The new app from Gayafores for its latest series of hydraulics can be downloaded online, and once downloaded, the user can access it on the device as many times as desired without the need for an Internet connection.

The experience begins with a home screen showing two access doors with two options: kitchen and bathroom. Once you enter one of these two rooms, you can select the desired model (according to collection and color) and see it applied to the different surfaces. In both cases, it is always possible to switch from one room to another by clicking on the arrows that appear on the floor.

From an environment generated in 3D and 360 degrees, in which it is possible to interact with various points within the scene, a virtual tour of the proposed space begins (with the possibility to move forward, backward, rotate, zoom, etc.). There are also informative points for further information about the model, including a link to the web page where the characteristics, images, catalog, etc., are shown.

On the right side of the screen, there are several icons: link to the website of Gayafores, drop-down menu with social networks and contact form. The configuration icon (gear type) is displayed to offer the functions of full-screen display, activation/deactivation of audio and gyroscope, automatic rotation and access to visualization through virtual reality glasses (Carboard). Finally, it offers the possibility to make guided tours via video call without leaving the application.

To download the app, visit https://gayafores.es/app/decoapp/.