Located around a hundred kilometers from Trieste and only accessible via a long bridge that connects the mainland to the island of Krk in Croatia, Villa Aurora is a holiday home designed by Ivana Babić to host a few people who can enjoy the enchanting landscape with its rugged coastline dotted with small bays and rocky beaches.

“No more than 10 people,” explains the architect, “to guarantee optimal privacy and comfort in a pleasant environment that blends traditional, modern and design elements.” The building only has four en-suite rooms and two common areas: one inside with a kitchen and a counter for a quick snack and one outside with a swimming pool and relaxation area.

The project plays with continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces and between indoor rooms through material references. The large-format, 120- 278-cm porcelain stoneware slabs from the Grande Marble Look Statuario Lux run from the living room floors to the bathroom wall tiles, where the 120- x 240- and 120- x 278-cm sizes are featured, including in the Lasa, Brera Grey and Golden White textures. From the backsplash and top of the kitchen island is the Top collection in the 162- x 324-cm size, as well as for the luxurious outdoor shower and indoor and outdoor table tops.

The cold marble-effect is contrasted with the warm tactile appeal of wood that defines the Treverkhome and Treverktrend collections, which cover the floors of the bedrooms and bathrooms, along with the outdoor relaxation area.

“There is no aesthetic difference with a parquet floor,” Babić said.

The colors selected from these collections encompass Frassino, Rovere and Rovere Scuro in different sizes for varied, warm and familiar atmospheres.

In the pool area, the warm shades of Mystone Limestone, in the 60- x 120- and 120- x 120-cm sizes, were chosen for the poolside, featuring a stone effect with the non-slip properties of innovative StepWise technology.

“StepWise is the ideal solution for an area like this where there is a high risk of falling,” the architect added. “Porcelain stoneware is very easy to maintain, which I consider to be an essential quality for a tourist facility.”