Product Showcase: Radiant Heating - Ardex Flexbone Heat

The most comprehensive and advanced single-source, in-floor radiant heat system, Ardex Flexbone® Heat combines precision German engineering with a unique design. It delivers customizable heat faster and more efficiently than any other electric in-floor heating system available. Flexbone Heat is a complete system solution, including a 3-in-1 membrane for heating, uncoupling and waterproofing; highly efficient heat cables; and three thermostat options. Ideal for all types of tile, stone and other manufacturer-approved floor coverings, Flexbone Heat is backed by a complete system warranty that leaves you feeling warm and comfortable.


Product Showcase: Radiant Heating - Custom Techlevel WSF Fiber Reinforced Self-Leveling Underlayment

TechLevel™ WSF Fiber Reinforced Self-Leveling Underlayment from Custom is designed to flatten challenging substrates like plywood, demanding concrete surfaces and radiant heat systems before installing tile. Fiber-reinforced TechLevel WSF is ideal for use with hydronic and radiant heating systems, with high tensile and flexural strengths that accommodate expansion from deflection and rapid thermal changes. With TechLevel WSF’s fast cure, ceramic tile can be set in just four hours. This proprietary formula of co-polymers and calcium aluminate cements was named Most Innovative Product by Hanley Wood at World of Concrete 2020.


Product Showcase: Radiant Heating - Strata_Heat™ system by Laticrete

The new and improved Strata_Heat™ system by Laticrete is the most advanced electric radiant floor heating system available. This system can be installed under tile, stone, vinyl, carpet or hardwood floors, thanks to the spliceless wire, translucent mat and thermal pack. The new spliceless wire removes the need to bury the cold lead into the subfloor, thus removing a step in the application process, making installations quicker and easier. Strata_Heat offers customers peace of mind due to its greater efficiencies, which includes smart home integration and a system warranty.


Product Showcase: Radiant Heating - >MAPEI’s Mapeheat line of floor heating products

MAPEI’s Mapeheat line of floor heating products is the industry’s most comprehensive line of radiant floor heating products. This easy-to-install, versatile, advanced technology is suitable for use with tile and stone, laminate, engineered wood and luxury vinyl tile/plank floors. The Mapeheat family of products includes Mapeheat Mat, a pre-wired floor heating fabric; Mapeheat Membrane, a lightweight uncoupling, crack-isolation and waterproofing membrane; Mapeheat Cable (available in 120 V and 240 V); and Mapeheat thermostats, which are available in three formats: Mapeheat Thermo Connect programmable (WiFi-enabled), Mapeheat Thermo Touch (7-day programmable) and Mapeheat Thermo Basic (non-programmable).


Product Showcase: Radiant Heating - Merkrete’s Underlay SLU self-leveling underlayment

Merkrete’s Underlay SLU self-leveling underlayment is a Portland cement-based, pourable, pumpable and free-flowing underlayment for rapid leveling of interior substrates, offering exceptional flow retention and consistent hydration, delivering a smooth, level surface with excellent crack resistance. Underlay SLU can be poured from featheredge to ³/₄-inch thickness in one pour and is specifically formulated to smooth out and level substrates with excellent durability. Underlay SLU is an excellent self-leveler for large-format tile installations and the installation of all floor coverings.

Progress Profiles

Product Showcase: Radiant Heating - Prodeso® Heat Grip XL System from Progress Profiles

Prodeso® Heat Grip XL System from Progress Profiles is the electrical heating system for floors and coverings that provides warmth only where desired in a few minutes. The uncoupling and waterproofing polypropylene membrane is designed with rounded, square-shaped reliefs that hold the heating cable, Prodeso Heat Grip, provided with many electrical resistors connected in parallel. In case of cable damage, only the involved resistor stops, not interrupting the heating transmission of the entire system. Moreover, the three main components of the system (membrane, cable and thermostat kit) are included in the Prodeso Heat Kit System.


Product Showcase: Radiant Heating - Prova Flex-Heat®, a lightweight crack isolation and uncoupling membrane

Prova Flex-Heat® is a lightweight crack isolation and uncoupling membrane that can be used as part of a radiant floor heating system. The versatile membrane is available in both a roll and pre-cut sheet format. Prova Flex-Heat features a deep groove design with locking channels that are suitable for multiple thicknesses of heating cables. A patented Shear Stress Control system with non-woven anchoring fleece neutralizes stress caused by movement in the substrate. With 3-inch cable spacing, Prova Flex-Heat provides optimal heat distribution. The membrane is also ideal for below-grade installations over concrete because it has vapor channels underneath the fleece layer for dissipating moisture.

Schluter Systems

Product Showcase: Radiant Heating - Schluter Systems’ Ditra-Heat Installation Handbook

The luxury of floor warming can now extend right into tiled showers. Schluter Systems’ Ditra-Heat Installation Handbook now includes a detail for installing and waterproofing Ditra-Heat on shower floors. By using a dedicated heating cable inside the shower area and completing required waterproofing steps using the Kerdi waterproofing system over the floor warming system, the shower floor can be warmed just like any other tiled floor. Installers should heed specific details around curbs, drains and corners. Approval must be verified by the appropriate local authority.



Product Showcase: Radiant Heating - SikaLevel®-825 Lite, one-component, durable and versatile, premium, gypsum-based self-leveling underlayment

SikaLevel®-825 Lite is a one-component, durable and versatile, premium, gypsum-based self-leveling underlayment for interior gypsum, concrete, cementitious and various other substrates, which can be installed over radiant heating systems. SikaLevel®-825 Lite can be applied manually or by pump to produce a self-smoothing, rapid-setting and flat substrate prior to the application of a final floor finish. Application thickness is ¹/₁₆ inch up to 2 inches (1.5 to 50.8 mm) in a single lift.


Product Showcase: Radiant Heating - SunTouch® TapeMat® electric floor heating mats

SunTouch® TapeMat® electric floor heating mats are a series resistance heating cable assembly designed for installation over plywood, backer board or concrete slab (according to ANSI or TCNA guidelines), and then embedded in ³/₈-inch (9.5-mm) or greater self-leveling or polymer-modified thinset mortar. The SunTouch TapeMat open-weave design with peel-and-stick tape provides fast and easy installation on subfloors. TapeMats add only ¹/₈ inch thickness to a typical tile floor installation and can be easily adjusted to accommodate curves, angles and cut-outs.

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