NORTHAMPTON, ENGLAND -- Bedrock Tiles are proud to announce some seriously climate, complimenting news that it has achieved a status of becoming the first company in the UK tiling industry to be certified as Carbon Neutral. During the week of COP26 in Glasgow, this couldn’t have been completed at a better time than now.

The process for becoming certified is quite intense and thorough. It took Bedrock three months to collate and present all the data to the auditing company for scopes 1, 2 and 3. It took an additional three weeks for that data to be analyzed.

The report discovered that Bedrock Tiles omitted 52 tons of carbon, while conducting its operational tile supplying activities over the course of a year. There are a few methods to opt into, in respect to making the offsetting choices, such as requesting your contribution payment is invested in large-scale hydro, turbine, forestation or solar projects. Bedrock chose to send their contribution to hydro and forestation projects.

The certification is an annual requirement and Bedrock have now incorporated it into the operational procedures along with factoring the costs into its budgets. The company cannot wait to continue the good work it has started next year and into the future.

While it is quite a process to become certified, it is imperative that everyone gets on board. Bedrock would like to extend an invitation to fellow businesses to get in touch with them to discuss, how and what they did to get there and encourage as many other, forward-thinking businesses to do the same.

Bedrock can always help you find perfect sustainable tiles at its award-winning showroom in Moulton Park or simply offer you some sound advice on tiles for your projects if you need it. Please feel free to get in touch with the knowledge that all deliveries made by Bedrock are now carbon neutral.