The special edition was born from the desire to transform the Amaretto in a fresh and fun armchair. The collection created by Sicis Lab is built around a single common thread: a creative universe that draws from art -- abstract, conceptual lines, enveloping graphics -- in a mix of geometries that know how to give a new look to the seat.

Some art movements have struck the industrial designers more than others and influenced their stylistic choices. These paradigms were transferred through the glass tesserae into original mosaics. In fact, for the Sicis Lab team, tesserae are a sort of language capable of impressing the plastic strength of material and color and, like brushstrokes, form unique and fascinating works. Hence the transition to fabric to translate these works into exclusive textures. Like artistic and distinctive clothes for a playful element such as Amaretto.

Art is, by its nature, temporary. It changes and adapts to the social will, but it helps to express ideas and currents of thought. Thus, while the tesserae in a continuous evolution of shapes and tones compose exclusive puzzles and investigate the plastic side of the material, on the other hand, it is explored the flexibility of the fabric on which to create fascinating patterns to decor the armchair.