BLOOMINGTON, MN -- Walcro, LLC and its ecommerce site have signed on as an official Grab ‘N Go Destination for the Complete Product Lineup of ProKnee knee pads, knee pad replacement parts and flooring installation supplies. This allows customers to more easily find the parts they need to refurbish and extend the life of their protective gear as needed.

Walcro and Shagtools are the brick-and-mortar and online retailers for Walcro, LLC, respectively. Both already carried ProKnee custom-fit and all-purpose knee pads. As a Grab ‘N Go destination, they will now be a one-stop-shop for the entire portfolio of ProKnee products. This includes current kneepad models such as 0714 Standard, 0714E Wide & AP16 All-Purpose, as well as replacement parts for all past and present kneepad models, the Treadman Multi-Angle Stair Tread Cutting System with all accessories, and ProKnee’s newly patented GoofProof Wall Trimmer.

“ProKnee kneepads are a favorite of our flooring contractor customer base,” said John DeYoung, CEO of Walcro. “Now, we can offer even more of these high-quality products to customers and help contractors keep their ProKnees in top shape for years to come.”

ProKnee’s line of custom-fit kneepads is patented and proudly manufactured in the U.S. They can be refurbished with parts and parts kits options to extend their life and maximize customers’ investment in a professional-grade product.

The ProKnee lineup is now available online at and at the Grab ‘N Go display at Walcro retail stores.