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TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase Ardex

Cement-based and easily applied with a paint roller, Ardex 8+9™ Rapid Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Compound produces a highly flexible, waterproof coating that provides a tenacious bond to tile mortars. It can accept tile in just 90 minutes, flood test in only four hours and delivers an amazing 100 square feet of coverage per unit.


TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase Bostik Roll Cote

Bostik, Inc. introduces Roll-Cote™, a high-performance moisture vapor barrier coating and primer. Roll-Cote has been scientifically formulated to minimize moisture emissions coming from substrates and function as a primer to be applied prior to the application of underlayments. For most applications, it performs as a single-component system.

Custom Building Products

TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase Custom

Custom® Building Products makes shower tile installations fast, easy and efficient with RedGard® SpeedCoat™ Rapid Curing Waterproofing Membrane. RedGard SpeedCoat is a ready-to-use waterproofing membrane that cures in about an hour, even in cool or damp conditions. Waterproof, flood test and set tile in hours rather than days.


TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase Dry Treat

Breathable, penetrating and permanent water repellent, Stain-Proof 40SK by Dry-Treat is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including building facades, floors, walls, swimming pools and shower areas. Its unique formula provides a consolidation of softer materials for premium protection against problems caused by water and waterborne salts such as efflorescence, salt spalling, freeze-thaw spalling and picture framing.

James Hardie

TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase James Hardie

Hardie® Backer Cement Board with HydroDefense™ Technology from James Hardie has a 100% waterproof composition throughout the board. Passing the ANSI A118.10 test for waterproofness, it offers built-in protection from water, eliminating the need to spend extra time applying waterproof coating across the entire surface area of backer board.


TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase Laticrete

Hydro Ban® XP from Laticrete is a premium waterproofing and crack isolation membrane designed to include all the Hydro Ban benefits -- a quicker cure time and lifetime warranty -- but offers extreme performance for a wider variety of applications such as substrate temperatures as low as 35°F (2°C) to extremely high temperatures in steam showers/rooms.


TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase MAPEI

Installers can waterproof, flood test and set tile all in one day with MAPEI’s Mapelastic Turbo rapid-drying waterproofing and crack isolation membrane. This two-component, cementitious, binder-based membrane is formulated with fine-grained aggregates, special admixtures and synthetic polymers. Designed for interior and exterior installations under ceramic tile and stone in residential, commercial and industrial areas, it can be used in intermittent wet or submerged environments.


TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase Merkrete

Merkrete Hydro Guard SP-1’s ultimate elongation, adhesion and strength properties provide a 100% waterproof membrane that limits the transfer of substrate cracks to the finished ceramic or stone tile surface. Hydro Guard SP-1 is installed in a liquid state to practically any form or irregular shape forming a monolithic waterproof barrier.

NAC Products

TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase NAC Products

SubSeal® liquid from NAC Products is a ready-to-use, elastomeric waterproofing membrane, which also functions as a sealant and moisture barrier for interior and exterior applications. SubSeal contains no VOCs and is certified Clean Air Gold, conforming to the CDPH Standard Method v1.2 for Private Office, School Classroom and Single-Family residences. It is perfect for showers, exterior decks and other areas requiring waterproof protection.

Progress Profiles

TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase Progress Profiles Prodeso Drain

Prodeso® Drain from Progress Profiles is a waterproofing, draining, uncoupling membrane that favors vapor management, with a thickness of 5mm, suitable for large-format tiles and gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs. The micro-ventilation created in the air chamber below the floor facilitates the drying of the adhesive reducing efflorescence formation and triacetate rising in joints.


TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase Prova

Prova Board® Plus is a lightweight, high-density tile backer that is quick and easy to install. The 100% waterproof XPS core is resistant to vapor pressure and does not support mold growth. It is also highly durable and flame retardant.

Schluter Systems

TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase Schluter

Schluter Systems offers the Kerdi Wide waterproof membrane, which measures 6 feet, 7 inches wide (2 meters wide), now comes in two lengths: 98 feet, 5 inches and 49 feet, 2 ¹/₂ inches. This wider roll covers the wall area from a shower floor to shower head height so waterproofing can be done with a single piece of Kerdi membrane.


TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase Sika

Sika® MB epoxy moisture barrier prevents moisture propagation in cementitious substrates. Sika MB is a two-component, solvent-free, low-viscosity epoxy for use under wood flooring products, self-leveling underlayments, floating floors and other flooring systems demanding protection from subfloor moisture. Sika MB’s high performance reduces adhesive consumption and shortens construction periods.


TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase Suntouch

HeatMatrix® uncoupling membrane from SunTouch® protects your tile investment while offering a fast, easy method of installing WarmWire electric heating cables. HeatMatrix is a great choice in concrete applications and where moisture or water vapor is a concern. Polypropylene construction provides a barrier against surface water while deep grooved channels allow evaporation of moisture from below the membrane.

USG Corp.

TILE 01-0222 Producst Showcase USG

USG Durock™ Brand Liquid Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Membrane is a liquid-applied waterproofing and crack isolation membrane and vapor retarder ideal for waterproofing showers and other wet areas, including continuous-use residential and commercial steam showers. Suitable substrates include concrete, masonry, cement backerboard, gypsum-fiber panel and gypsum-based cement topping.