CLARKSVILLE, TN -- Mile®stone, the distributed brand of Florim USA is premiering  at Coverings 2022 in Las Vegas, NV. Florim USA, a subsidiary of the parent company Florim located in Sassuolo, Italy, is celebrating 21 years of US-based manufacturing. In years past, Florim USA has shared winning booths with its parent company, presenting tile produced and distributed in both countries. This year, with the growth of the Mile®stone brand, and its evolution of being recognized throughout the market, Mile®stone will present a 2,000-square- foot exhibit in the Tile Council of North America’s (TCNA) arena in the North Hall booth space N2144; while Florim (Italy) will still represent products in the International section of the show located in the Central Hall booth space C6226.

“The Mile®stone brand is centered on sustainable tile made in the USA,” states Rodolfo Panisi, Florim USA’s CEO. “The brand has its own story we’re proud of and it is being recognized in the community and marketplace with customers, distributors, architectures and designers. We wanted to acknowledge that recognition by presenting our products in a dedicated space.” The story Panisi is referring to is the brand’s progressive and continual movement to sustainability. That includes introducing the industry’s 1st entirely carbon neutral porcelain tile and taking conscious steps to become completely carbon neutral by 2030.

These conscious steps to the environment are not new efforts for the manufacturer Florim USA. The company holds several certifications for its ongoing efforts in sustainability including Green Squared, a multi-attributed ANSI standard. They are also the recipient of numerous regional  and national awards including TN recycler of the Year for 2020. Recently, Florim USA also took part in the first published Material Transparency Study conducted by the TCNA. The study provides a transparent view of materials used in the manufacturing process, and the health assessments tied with those materials. At a time when health is at the forefront, selected building  materials have an impact and carry weight now and for our future.

While sustainability is at the forefront of how Mile®stone manufactures its products, creating beautiful, innovative and trend-forward tile remains the objective. Recently the brand released the first 32- x 32- tile manufactured in the US and a line centered on mosaics. Coverings will introduce three new lines all with industry unique properties – Native, Lith and JEM – along with another market introduction described as a ‘Big Deal’. We look forward to seeing everyone at Coverings at  the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 4 to 8, 2022.

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