Ryan Fasan, tile and stone specialist, and consultant for Tile of Spain, discussed “captivating color trends” during Coverings Connected, a webinar series held in honor of National Tile Day, which was February 23rd. The day was founded in 2017 by Coverings, the largest North American tile and stone exhibition, to emphasize the benefit of tile in residential and commercial design, as well as to celebrate the timeless role it plays in architecture and design.

“It’s interesting in 2022 how we are using color,” said Fasan. “When looking at the definition of color, it comes from a few different things. It’s one of the most direct ways for us to engage with the user.” 

Biophilic patterns are currently trending for all types of design. Fasan explained how various hues can be paired to complete the application. “They need to be offset,” he said. “Color is that kind of punctuation -- an exclamation point. We talk about super deep saturation, but it can also be used subtly. It can give a hint or overall wash to build depth of story in a space.” 

Moreover, surfaces textures can play a role with color. “One thing I love about tile compared to other products is that you can really play with finish,” said Fasan, adding that when the desire is for a color to read true no matter what the light conditions are then use a real matte finish. A more glossy polished finish adds a reflective surface.