HAMEL, MN -- Maxxon Corporation, creator of Gyp-Crete and a leader in the underlayment industry for 50 years, has aligned with S3 Surface Solutions, an innovative manufacturer of products that address problematic concrete slabs to bring innovative technology-driven subfloor preparation solutions to the flooring industry. With this strategic collaboration, the two companies positioned themselves to help contractors, general contractors and project owners solve even the most difficult substrate preparation challenges with industry-leading technologies.

“S3 is excited to come together with Maxxon to offer comprehensive floor prep solutions that contractors and consumers alike can depend on," said Jack Aspenson, CEO and founder of S3 Surface Solutions. "Our shared goal is to embrace disruptive technologies to bring new cost-effective and time-saving products to the industry.”

The combination of S3 Surface Solutions’ innovative products with the Maxxon commercial products that are already widely used in the industry will provide a system solution for a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector floor preparation projects. In addition, all systems featuring products in the Maxxon and S3 portfolios, including those that address moisture, problematic concrete slabs, surface and leveling issues, and the bonding of floor coverings, fall under a joint warranty. The joint warranty covers everything from the concrete slab to the floor covering, giving the customer confidence in the Maxxon-S3 system. 

"The joint system warranty will provide specifiers, architects and contractors with assurances that they are protected by approved products and systems, with single-point accountability,” said Phil Ciesiulka, Maxxon’s executive vice president of sales and marketing.