HMTX Industries sponsored the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Connecticut chapter to take a mill tour of its under-construction world headquarters at the company’s Norwalk campus on April 6. Eight architects joined the outing to learn about the incredible journey towards building the 24,000-sq.ft. structure, dubbed “The House Up On The Hill”, which when completed in September will be Connecticut’s greenest building.

Among the ecologically conscious facility’s unique features, it is designed to sit above the ground in an effort to preserve as much of the existing landscape as possible. It will generate more energy on-site than it uses, produce zero carbon emissions, capture and reuse rainwater, and use only the healthiest non-toxic materials available.

Project architect Jason McLennan kicked off the tour with a virtual, peer-to-peer insider’s look at the journey towards completing this unique structure. Considered one of the world’s most influential individuals in the field of architecture and the green building movement, McLennan then fielded questions from the highly engaged audience of architects. Afterward, the 360-degree hard-hat tour of the building was led by Robert Cavello, AIA, of the Westview Group. As HMTX’s project manager, Cavello supervised the entire scope of work from the get-go once the design was finalized and the work began on March 1, 2021. He was joined by Rick Taylor, HMTX’s director of training, who coordinated the AIA tour, which garnered Continuing Education Units for the participants.

Cavello detailed the many construction challenges that needed to be overcome partly due to the unusual hillside location of the custom structure -- including bad weather, procurement delays, preserving or relocating trees, and other issues—and the intense collaboration leading to innovative solutions that have unfolded since the groundbreaking.

“The tour as well as the information that HMTX provided were incredible," said Joel Whiten, programs vents Specialist for AIA Connecticut I received some very positive comments from attendees. Thanks to HMTX for opening up this opportunity to our members.”  

“The eight members from the Connecticut AIA that attended the mill tour of “The House Up On The Hill’ were very appreciative and thankful for the time and energy we put into their visit,” Taylor said. “I extended them an invitation to come back once the project has been completed and 100% stated they would love to return!”