Blending years of knowledge and expertise, Anthology has created a compilation of decorative mosaics, stone, glass, ceramic and field tile in unlimited varieties - offering unique products to the market that have yet to be seen. This very value of the company is what drove their return to Coverings 2022, continuing their ever-growing legacy at North America’s preeminent event for the ceramic tile & natural stone industry. 

In perfect parallel with uniqueness, Anthology revealed their latest innovations, new collections of stone and tile that further extend the opportunity for fresh new stories to be told through design. The Anthology booth at Coverings 2022 stood at the crossroads of variety and quality, style and authenticity, all tied together with the company’s trademark of going “above and beyond”. 

Introducing a range of unique, original collections which fit to any specification, no matter the design - Anthology has the exclusive materials for you. The idea of luxury is manifested through an original conceptualization, as the mother of pearl shells which comprise the D-Lux Pearl Collection offer a fresh, inviting take on opulence. The serene energy of the ocean is met with the lavish feel of a spa through Oceanique, offering the vibrancy of nature through glass heightened with glimmer and shine. Bringing forth timeless beauty which appreciates over time, Artistic Impressions offers inspiration from hand paintings from the Old World, brought to the present day through an innovative inkjet process. Lastly, hand-made recycled glass tile is fashioned into natural tones and textures - as if Fabrique & Nature touches the infinite realm of creativity with a wealth of ideas. 

The gift Anthology offered to visitors at Coverings 2022 extended beyond a beautiful sight, it is the intangible, unique contribution to creativity - bringing life to new ideas throughout the various collections the company brings forth. Anthology is not just set to amaze, they are set to inspire in their presentation which honors the unique. 



D-Lux Pearl

These beautiful mosaics are made from natural shells and marbles from all over the world. The rich composition of materials with soft reflections, exudes that incredible designer look, and these are a stunning addition to any room. This collection is a combination of soft hues of white and gray with touches of blue, and was created to make a one of a kind statement with a bit of shimmer.



The process is unique and is the only glass with glitter, approved for swimming pools. Elegantly patterned mosaics as well as many options of field tile for you to create your incredible oasis.


Artistic Impressions

Classic and contemporary, all handcrafted, these beautiful tiles are made in soft hues with perfectly on trend colors and field tiles with a unique satin finish. Two designer patterns in four colors, five field colors, the design possibilities are endless.

Fabrique and Nature

Reach out and touch this. A recycled glass tile hand-made by craftsmen expresses an amazing collaboration of designs. A refined look without the maintenance, creates a classic and timeless look.