Stone Design Inc., the Midwest’s premier supplier of natural stone slabs, engineered and sustainable surfacing, proudly introduces TopZstone, a surface material made with the purest quartz and the latest technology. 

Ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops, TopZstone can also be used on floors and walls offering a beautiful, contemporary look to any environment.  Thirty on-trend colors are available in polished slabs ranging in sizes 64 x 130 inches and 63 x 127 inches.  The company also offers the product line in half-slab formats. 

With its clean aesthetics, TopZstone offers limitless design possibilities with many colors available in the spectacular book matching feature to create true masterpieces. This new quartz collection offers bright solid whites to strong veining patterns for luxury looks. 

“Stone Design continues to have its finger on the pulse of what’s trending in the surfaces industry,” exclaimed Jeff Dahlberg, senior sales and business development manager. “This collection is a welcome addition to our extensive quartz product offerings for both our clients… and our clients’ clients. 

TopZstone is engineered using one of the hardest and most abundant minerals on earth, quartz and is manufactured at three Breton facilities located in Spain, Brazil and the USA (Georgia).

Dahlberg added, “Color consistency, combined with a nonporous surface make TopZstone beautiful to look at and resistant to mold and bacteria. It does not require regular polishing and sealing so it practically is maintenance free, except for daily cleaning with mild soap.”  

TopZstone by Stone Design offers a 25 year of warranty against possible manufacturing defects.