SAINTE-ANNE-DE-BELLEVUE, QUEBEC, CANADA -- Schluter Systems has expanded its offering of drains to include the Kerdi-Drain-F, a floor drain designed with a flat, narrow bonding flange to facilitate tight installations against walls, in corners and in floors without a slope. Unexpected water infiltration from leaks or flooding can cause extensive damage to floors and spaces below. Installing a drain in areas at risk to water exposure ensures that floors and moisture-sensitive building materials are well protected. Perfectly suited for wet rooms, bathroom floors and other applications that require waterproofing and drainage, the Kerdi-Drain-F is specifically designed for use in tiled floors in conjunction with all Schluter®-Ditra and Schluter-Ditra-Heat membranes. The integrated Kerdi collar ensures a simple and secure connection to the surrounding membrane. Compatible with all 4-inch Kerdi-Drain grates (except for the Tile grate) the Kerdi-Drain-F is available in three options: polypropylene with a 2-inch NPT outlet and included PVC and ABS couplings, stainless steel with a no-hub outlet and stainless steel with a threaded outlet. A vertical height adjustment collar, as well as a construction cover to prevent debris from entering the drain prior to grate installation, are also included.