PENDLETON, SC – The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) will offer its ever-popular Understanding and Installing Ceramic Tile (UICT) and Mortar Shower Base and Waterproofing (MSBW) classes for its 24th consecutive year and has expanded the course to five sessions to meet increased demand.

The 4.5-day, 36-hour UICT Class focuses on the history, standards, methods and basic techniques required for a trouble-free tile installation. Spending time in both the classroom and the “mod room,” which includes individually framed bathrooms with tubs, students of all knowledge levels look closely at tile installation from inception to finality.

The 1.5-day, 15-hour MSBW includes instruction in the classroom and in the warehouse, a deep dive into the reliable, yet often incorrectly installed TCNA B415 shower receptor method. Mixing mud, making screeds, assembling the necessary parts of the shower receptor and finishing out the curb allow students to understand how a proper “water in water out system” should be constructed.

These two classes can be taken separately or in tandem. The 2023 dates are as follows: March 20 to 25, May 8 to 13, July 17 to 22, September 18 to 23 and November 6 to 11.

“Demand for proper tile installation education and training is at an all-time high -- particularly for those interested in becoming Certified Tile Installers,” said Brad Denny, CTEF executive director. “That’s why CTEF has developed new course levels to instruct tile installers in best practices for tile installation before any bad habits have a chance to set in and expanded popular programs, including inspection to address the feedback we receive from those being approached to investigate problems.”

In addition to education and training events, the 2023 CTEF events calendar includes dates and locations for hands-on testing for the CTI and the ACT programs.

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