Rubi has evolved the TZ range by launching the largest manual cutter in its class: the TZ-1800. This new tool, created for cutting large-format porcelain tiles, offers very high precision in long lengths, thanks to an intelligent guide design that reduces deviations. It stands out because of the great cutting capacity of its separation mechanism, which has two positions for adapting to the thickness of the tile, always guaranteeing the necessary breaking power.

The advanced engineering of the TZ-1800 makes it easy for the professional to use, allowing single-handed marking and separating while applying up to 3,300lbs. of separating power. In addition, due to the carriage design, the bearings offer a smoother and more precise glide, even when the load is increased when scoring. 

Despite its dimensions, the TZ-1800 is a light, handy and robust cutter. This tool also features a folded design for easy transport, both inside and outside the bag.  

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