Merkrete’s high-performance ProGrout Plus is polymer fortified to leave your tile and stone installations with hard, durable, professional results. The fast-setting grout is stain resistant, color consistent and efflorescence free. It is formulated with Merkrete’s patented Dustless Technology (DLT) to significantly reduce jobsite mess and speed cleanup. DLT also makes ProGrout Plus creamier, easier to spread, and sustainable since it requires less water. The new grout is one of Merkrete’s timesaving Slake-Free products, being ready to spread after a single mix. ProGrout Plus can be used in floor and wall joints 1/16- to ½-inch-wide on interior and exterior residential and commercial installations. Its versatility extends to submerged applications like pools, spas, water features and fountains. The grout is available in 18 colors and exceeds ANSI A118.7 standards.