DALTON, GA -- The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) announced today that Scott Humphrey reached his 10-year milestone of service as CEO of the Association on March 28th. Since joining the WFCA in 2013, Humphrey's focus on making an impact in the industry has shaped the organization's DNA.

Over the past decade, the WFCA has grown in influence and expanded its network. Now spanning 10,000+ members and reaching 95% of independent floor covering retailers in the industry, WFCA continues to be the voice of the industry, supported by manufacturers and distributors who recognize the vital role of the WFCA in driving positive change. Under his guidance and leadership, the Association’s charge is crystal-clear: to ensure the success and profitability of professional flooring dealers and to represent the industry's common interests.

Humphrey is a tireless advocate who puts his personal "why" at the forefront of everything he does. His unwavering determination to establish a lasting impact and to make a difference has propelled the WFCA to revolutionize the Association and ignited a momentum for change, achieving countless milestones and accolades. The organization has become an industry activist, spearheading impactful initiatives committed to addressing critical issues that impact professional flooring dealers and the overall industry.

During his tenure, Humphrey successfully broadened WFCA’s influence and tackled industry-related concerns by incorporating other entities such as fcB2b, CFI, and FCIF management under the WFCA umbrella; they offered free membership to all primary members with the aim of increasing its standing as the preeminent voice of the flooring industry in Washington D.C.; they formed FCEF, the first industrywide initiative to address the installation crisis, and they guided the industry with crisis-management during the pandemic. The last decade has been a transformative one for both the WFCA and the industry overall.

“The WFCA has been fortunate to have Scott at the helm for 10 years,” said Dean Howell, WFCA Board Chair and owner of Moda Floors and Interiors. “His energy, passion, and leadership are infectious and unparalleled.”

“One of the best decisions that the WFCA ever made was asking Scott Humphrey to be the chief executive officer ten years ago,” said Sam O’Krent, WFCA chair-elect and owner of O’Krent Floors. "He has led the organization, and its ever-changing volunteer board, with skill and charm and has created a truly powerful and respected organization that is having a dramatic impact on the floor covering industry today that will last well into the future. To know Scott is to know his true passion is leadership, which he has instilled in his staff and all those who meet him. Thank you, Scott, for your dedication to our industry and for our friendship."