MSI’s Hexley Collection is making a name for itself on floors, walls and backsplash. This classic geo shape enjoys a refresh in three colors, as well as a stunning art deco and timeless marble look. Perfect for mixing and matching, Hexley matte finished porcelain tiles give you the creative freedom to create your own unique space. Available in Dove Hexagon, Ecru Hexagon, Graphite Hexagon, Hive Hexagon, Marbello Hexagon

Pictured above is the Hexley Marbello Hexagon. With its soft white background and gray veins, this classic six-sided shape has found a new look in Hexley Marbello hexagon tile. With a marble appearance that complements nearly any décor and color scheme, it’s a perfect choice for creating luxury spaces. Use this hexagon pattern tile on bathroom floors, shower walls or vanity walls. In the kitchen, it creates an eye catching behind the stove backsplash tile or choose it to dress up a mudroom or other specialty area. 

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