It's not everyday that a magazine editor receives feedback on their editorials, let alone a business-to-business magazine editor.

Not only did I receive one, but I received several in response to my editorial in the November 2008 issue of TILE-- "No Room for Apathy."

The following are just a couple of examples, and after reading them, I invite your input on the matter. Thankfully, we can all "agree to disagree."

From Peter Simounet

Reason why I will no longer read your magazine.

In the November issue ofTILE Magazineyour Editor, Arpi Nalbandian, wrote in her Letter from the Editor, “No Room for Apathy,” stated that “Perhaps our newly elected head of state will bring the luster back to the poorly tarnished image of the superpower nation we once were by placing highly qualified individuals who understand the nuances, etc.

I am sorry to hear that Ms. Nalbandian has such a low approval of some very hard working diplomats that currently work to represent THE MOST POWERFUL NATION IN THE WORLD.

I did not know that the United States had to be liked, loved or what ever Ms. Nalbandian feels that countries should feel about us. It amazes me that Ms. Nalbandian feels that we are to blame for these “strained relations.”

It is about time that we (USA) expect the gratitude from other countries who sell to the United States to survive, take all the monitory support from our country and yes, our military support to protect them. If not, let them dislike us. They will still sell to the USA. They will still take money from the USA and they will take our military might to help them survive.

It is time we demand this “mutual respect” from others. The heck with new diplomats, ambassadors and attachès. Yes we live in an international business world. But it is time for the USA to stop bowing down and speaking nice to other countries. It is time for others to speak nice and bow down to the USA.

I am tired of hearing we must be nice. 

From Harold L. Mast, Mast Contracting

Thanks so much for your editorial, "No Room For Apathy," in the November 2008 issue ofTILE Magazine.

I particularly took note of the second paragraph. It was neat for you to acknowledge, and anticipate, our need to "bring the luster back to the poorly tarnished image of the superpower nation we once were."

Truly, "Bullying or using harsh criticism and/or trade embargos have shown little success."

After all, why wouldn't I favor diplomacy over "stiff arming," having grown up in the Mennonite religious atmosphere, and served in it's leadership all my adult life.

Reading your editorial resulted in me declaring you to be one of the "crown jewels" among citizens of our Grand Old USA. In fact now that Obama has been elected apparently two-thirds of our citizens felt it is time to delete the "stiff arming."

A grateful tile contractor/US citizen.