I’m sure you’ve seen the cell phone provider commercial where the family’s matriarch chastises her brood for throwing away or hiding the old, unused minutes. You have, like myself, wondered why someone would discard something that’s still useful. I have a point coming soon, so stay with me here.

As I was updatingTILE’swebsite content, while simultaneously working on two issues (TILE’s Fall Digital issue and November/December Gold Book), the enewsletter, updating our Facebook and Twitter pages, and whatever else came my way, I remembered a mental note I had made about the topics and search items on our home page.

If you scroll all the way down onTILE’swebsite (www.tilemagonline.com), you’ll see our recent searches, most popular articles, most emailed articles, etc. You’ll also notice that many of the items are not necessarily from this year. Why is that, you may ask? Because good, solid advice and knowledge never expires, they get better over time - similar to well-crafted furnishings or time-withstanding tile installations (think mosaic murals from ancient Rome and Turkey, for example).

Below are several items from the past (and a few that were written recently) with links to the articles themselves.

Happy reading!