Clayhaus Ceramics

It's time to move on from the rampant negative conversations flooding the architecture, engineering, construction, service/installation/maintenance, surveying and security markets and talk about what's going right. Here are business owners in these industries who have found a way to shake off the economic doldrums and see their businesses survive, if not prosper.

So, who's eligible? Business owners or entrepreneurs in the A/E/C field, including service/installation/maintenance, who has found a way to make their business a success despite the odds in this economy.

Megan Coleman of Clayhaus Ceramics, recently submitted her company’s story. “When it became apparent that the glass tile market was becoming viewed as more of a turn ‘em and burn ‘em commodity than being appreciated as an artistic product, our new strategy was to diversify ourselves and offer both a glass tile product as well as a new ceramic tile product line that still applied to our core values and mission of offering a sustainable, handcrafted tile,” Coleman says.

Read the full text of Clayhaus Ceramics’ storyhere.

So, what’s your story?