“Recent research from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern and Sloan School of Management at MIT shows 800% increases in contact rates and dramatic increases in lead qualification by responding to leads within five minutes or less.”

You won’t find many executive-level professionals who truly make the most out of the internet and truly understand a solid web strategy when they see it.


What you will find are the many who, scratching their heads, say, “My website isn’t being found.” or “I have this great site and all this traffic, but why aren’t we selling more?

Let’s pump more dollars into paper clip… er, pay per click!”

Why should you keep reading?

My team makes profit every day by converting online inquiries into sales and I spend more time reinforcing the need for a web-oriented mindset than almost everything else.

It pays off.

Here’s what a billion-dollar cooperative had to say about my efforts in a recent mailing to members:

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