Leaf Imprint Tiles on Backsplash. Photo Courtesy of Avente Customer

If you follow my blog, you know that nothing makes me happier than a tile installation photo from one of our wonderful customers! I received an email last Tuesday from some great folks in Council Bluffs, Iowa and it included three photos.

The email started like this:

Hello! Just wanted to forward some pictures of our new backsplash with the accent tiles ordered from your company. We love how they turned out! Thank you very much!

Ginko Leaf Imprint Deco Tile

I'm honored when a customer takes the time to send me a picture. I know the customer was looking for something special and found it at Avente Tile. Then, they worked through the design and installation issues. The project is finally complete and they are thrilled with the results!

The customer choose three tiles from our Leaf Imprint collection to work with their own field tile. The customer chose tiles based on trees they had growing in their backyard. Now that's a perfect way to personalize your home.

Here's the tiles they chose:

Pine Bough Imprint Deco Tile

White Oak Leaf Imprint Deco Tile

"We've gotten many compliments on the tiles. They are all trees we have growing in our yard, so it makes it personal as well as beautiful."

When it comes to decorative tiles, one of my mantras (and blog posts) is that with Deco Tiles: A Dab Will Often Do! Our friends in Iowa demonstrated how a few hand painted decorative tiles create an impact. Also, in this collection, leaf colors can be customized and the artist will even create a design based on a leaf you provide.

What a beautiful backsplash! Don't you agree? And, to my friends in Council Bluffs, Iowa, thanks for sharing your vision with all of us! You made my day.

For more information on the installations seen here, visitAvente Tile Talk.