New Cuban Heritage Cement Tile - Design 240

Cuban Heritage Design 240-1A

Our January post on New Cuban Heritage Cement Tile Patternsfocused on the bold and big zigzag pattern inDesign 260. Another favorite of the four new cement tile patterns isDesign 240. It's a classic pattern that's not too complicated. It also comes in some great colors to fit your style.

Cuban Heritage Design 240-2B

Cuban Heritage Design 240-3A

The four new patterns come in three different colorways and include: Design 230, Design 240, Design 250, Design 260. Sample stock is available for most of the news designs. And remember, like any cement tile, these patterns can be customized with any color in our Heritage Solid Color cement tile line for that perfect design touch. Avente Tile offers Cement Tile Customization Services. Do you like the new pattern? What colorway is your favorite?

For more information on the tiles seen here, visitAvente Tile Talk.