Tile floors in Aljaferia Palace. The palace, erected in 1492, was home to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. UNESCO declared it and the Mudejar architecture found in Aragon (the region where the palace is located) a World Heritage site in 2001.

Apavisa's hexagon-shaped ventilated facade offers a fresh option for wall systems.

A few months ago, I was asked by Tile of Spain representative Amanda Eden if I would like to join the annual “Reign In Spain” A+D Tour where four architects and designers and six journalists would find themselves on week-long trip that included various parts of Spain (Madrid, Zaragoza, Teruel, and finally, Valencia, Spain for the Cevisama show).

After checking my production schedule for this issue, as well as Coverings Insider, I decided this opportunity should not and could not be passed up. As a lover of tile, architecture, history and certified foodie, suffice it to say it took me all but one minute to convince myself that I could work on the road while pulling all-nighters in my hotel room to make sure deadlines were met.

Well, my plan worked, for the most part. I did get a lot of work done but darn it if I didn’t fall in love with the country, its people and most importantly, the friendships and bonds that were struck with my fellow travelers. Never have I been involved with such a great group of professionals who knew how to be serious when called for, and let loose when it was our “downtime” from the day’s activities. We were inseparable from day one and I can only thank the powers that be at White Good & Co. (Tile of Spain’s PR reps), Tile of Spain, the exhibitors of Cevisama who welcomed our group with tile eye-candy and information, the hard-working and dedicated people at Keraban who opened the doors to their manufacturing facility so we could see first-hand what it took to make tile (start-to-finish), and our informative, yet patient guides in Zaragoza and Teruel.

To witness the unveiling of cutting-edge technology, the attention to textural detail, the focus on the inherit sustainable traits found only in tile - was truly an eye-opening experience.

In case you missed my live tweets from our various Spanish destinations, including my live coverage from Cevisama’s show floor, I invite you to join TILE and me on Twitter ( @TileEditor, @TileMagazine) so you won’t miss the next live-from-the-show-floor coverage from Coverings in Las Vegas (March 14-17). Feel free to browse through the albums of Reign In Spain/Cevisama images we posted on ourFacebookpage to appreciate everything we experienced and felt during that one week (or scroll down for a sampling of the highlights from our week-long expedition).

"Crom" from Saloni

Saloni's "Crom"

NanoEclectic from Apavisa integrates real silver with ceramics. Features PVD technology

Apavisa's NanoEclectic

Mistral by Pamesa is red-bodied tile that utilizes inkjet technology.

Pamesa's Mistral

Architect Lira Luis discusses Filter Floor from Natucer. The system is designed to help solve water elimination problems with it's raised, slotted system.

Natucer's Filter Floor

Sierragres photovoltaic and facade system - SierraVent.

Sierragres' SierraVent