Here's a recent screenshot of what the TweetChat site looks like once you enter #tilechat into the search box.

If you’re on Twitter and love to talk tile, then I invite you to join #tilechat on the first Tuesday of each month.

The inaugural chat occurs on February 7, 2 p.m. (PST)/5 p.m. (EST), with special guest Leslie Clagett ( @kbculture). She is an author, editor and blogger, and I look forward to reading what she has to say about International Tile Trends.

If this will be your first time participating in a Twitter-based chat forum, then here are a few suggestions to get you started:
  • Customize a twitter stream to #tilechat so that all conversations will be filed into that one screen. I’ve used the Tweet Chat application in the past ( where you customize the settings to view a specific topic or channel, and experience a distraction-free Twitter-based chat.
  • Make sure to add the hashtag #tilechat to each and every tweet. Otherwise, your valuable input may get lost in the fast-paced chat forum. Some chat applications will add it automatically for you.
  • Prepare for the chat and get acquainted to the format by signing in at least five to 10 minutes earlier than the start time. That way, you can introduce yourself and see the participants as they join the chat. Not everyone comments, so it’s ok to sit back and watch the conversation flow in front of your screen.
Of course, if you have any questions, you could always ask me ( @tilemagazine) or a bevy of others who are happy to offer help to those who want to learn.

Hope to see many of you there!