Dune Ceramica’s Mahon Collection offers numerous design possibilities with a combinable modular collection of 10-by-10-inch and 10-by-30-inch ceramic, glass and marble tiles.

Decocer’s Sensazioni Series offers 24 colors in white body 4.75-by-4.75-inch tiles perfect for combining with glass for a customized décor.
Nearly 100 ceramic tile manufacturers from Spain will launch an array of innovation in design and technology at Cersaie 2005, Italy's International Exhibition of Ceramics for the Building Industry and Bathroom Furnishings. The exhibition will be held in Bologna, Italy from September 27th through October 1st. Categories at Cersaie include: building and construction; stone, marble and ceramics; kitchen and bath.

Continuing Trends
The ceramic tile industry from Spain will reveal their newest collections at Cersaie 2005 to inspire designers in 2006. Tile manufacturers from Spain continue to improve on the aesthetics of ceramic stone and wood through enhancements to the techniques used to capture the veining and warm colors of the natural material. Ceramic, glass, metal, multicolor and iridescent mosaic designs give a certain panache to installations with design accents in 1 -by-1-inch tiles for customized looks or ready to install mesh-backed products. The introduction of larger formats last year encouraged the use of tile in unconventional spaces; this trend will continue. Manufacturers are introducing more irregular shapes and sizes while increasing the availability of the larger formats. With the spreading awareness of green design, ceramic ventilated façade systems will continue to gain recognition.

Gleaming Glass
Glass tiles are hot and tile manufacturers from Spain are offering a wide range of new products: mesh-backed mosaics for easy installation, interesting shapes and a multitude of sizes. Dune Ceramica will introduce the Mahon Collection, a modular collection of 10-by-10-inch and 10-by-30-inch ceramic, marble and glass tiles, offering numerous design possibilities when combined with its complete line of decorative borders, special pieces and glass wash basins. Azulejera La Plana will feature the irregular sized Mosaico Series in 10.75-by-14.75-inch format with color choices of black, marfil, teja and beige. Decocer will present the Universo Series, colored glass mosaics, as well as the Sensazioni Series, white body wall tiles in 4.75-by-4.75-inch format which are available in 24 colors - perfect for combining with glass mosaics. Both new series from Decocer offer special accent pieces. Smooth and Sleek Surfaces
Spanish tile manufacturers will be showing smooth, sleek styles this year at Cersaie. The People Series by Ibero, while it is a red body tile, gives the smooth appearance of glass in a 9.25-by-14-inch wall tile with matching floor tiles called the Emotion Series. Both series from Ibero are available in shades of White, Ocean, Sky, Green, Tabac, Cream and Orange. Decorative pieces for the bathroom include "Crazy," "Pop," "Funny" and "Fashion" as well as "Fruits" for kitchen accents. Natucer will introduce its Origin Series, a stone look with a sleek modern sheen, available in 12-by-12-, 12 -by-23.75-, 6 -by-23.75-, and 1.5-by-12-inch pieces, perfect for dividing an open floor plan or simply adding a twist to the layout.

The People Series by Ibero gives the smooth appearance of glass in a red body tile available in White, Ocean, Sky, Green, Tabac, Cream and Orange.
Eco-friendly Wood Coverings
Tile of Spain branded manufacturers are continuing to create ceramic tiles that embody the essence of wood but are expanding the choice in species, shade and size. Sucesores de Manuel Gomez-Gomez y CIA will introduce the Madera Series at Cersaie in 12.5 -by-22-inch wall tiles as well as border pieces. Azulejera La Plana also plans to launch their ceramic wood tiles in a rectangular format. Roca's Norway series is another new wood look in rectified, through-bodied porcelain. Base tiles are available in 13 -by-26-, 6.5 -by-26- and 4 -by-26-inch formats. The series is complimented by 13 -by-26-inch décor inserts with two or three simple inlaid squares and 13 -by-13-inch mesh backed pieces comprised of individual narrow tiles. Tacos in a 4-by-4-inch format as well as 13-by-1.25-inch border pieces are both offered in six color and pattern choices. Shades offered are Abeto, Roble, Sapeli, Wenge and Zebrano. With traditional and exotic wood shades, Roca's Norway Series can be used to create a modern, rustic or classic ambience. Porcelanosa will continue to offer over 26 wood look tile series, including the Oak series which is also suitable for outdoor applications. Meanwhile, Grespania will build on their ceramic wood collection, the Natura Series.

Ceramic wood tiles are ideal for situations where natural wood is technically impractical, such as areas with high traffic, high moisture and those exposed to sunlight. Due to the technical advantages of tile, ceramic floor tiles will resist scratching, sun damage and warping. Of course, all ceramic tiles are an eco-friendly surface material made from 100 percent plentiful and natural raw materials.

Precious metals
New from Azulejera La Plana is the Debo Series, glazed porcelain with a metallic slate appearance. The Debo Series comes in Negro or Ocre in a 15-by-23.75-inch format. The weathering steel look has been interesting designers throughout the year, so expect to see more of Tau's Corten. Through technological advances, ceramic tiles can achieve the look of rusting steel without the harmful ecological effects of the actual rusting metal. Spanish tile manufacturers are constantly on the cutting edge of innovation and design; introductions at Cersaie 2005 will be no exception. Whatever the location, design or specification, the ceramic tile industry from Spain will be showing savvy solutions for any style.

The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer's Association (ASCER) is the private organization whose primary objective is to support Spain's ceramic tile manufacturers and the industry as a whole by stewarding and promoting the Tile of Spain brand worldwide. A strong global leader, the ceramic tile industry of Spain comprises 220 manufacturers concentrated primarily in the province of Castellón.

For more about tile produced in Spain, contact Tile of Spain Center at the Trade Commission of Spain, 2655 Le Jeune Road, Suite 1114, Coral Gables, FL 33134. Call 305-446-4387 or visit www.spaintiles.info.