Cevisama 2005 will be held Feb. 8-12, 2005 in Valencia, Spain.

Pamesa, Agatha Collection, is modeled after the retro look of the 50s and 60s, with both bright and pastels in whimsical hearts, stars, stripes, dots, and flower power motifs.
The complete roster of Tile of Spain manufacturers will exhibit at Cevisama, Spain's premier ceramic tile show, in a brand new 2.4 million sq. ft. facility in Valencia, Spain, February 8-12, 2005. With the ceramic floor and wall tile sector accounting for 59 percent of the show's exhibition space, the 200+ Tile of Spain member-based companies take center stage in Pavilions 1-4 on Levels 2 and 3.

The new high-tech Convention Center, comprised of four pavilions, boasts three exhibition levels, two parking levels, and a mezzanine level to house service areas including cafes, restaurants, and meeting facilities. The new facility, already recognized as a major modern exhibition center in Europe, will dedicate 1.8 million sq. ft. of floor space to the show - a 50 percent increase from what the previous facility offered.

Ceramicas Aparici, Harmony Collection, features contemporary designs and vibrant orange, red, cobalt, and neon yellow color combinations, coupled with black and white. Numerous specialty pieces add to the collection. Ceramicas Aparici, Harmony Collection, features contemporary designs and vibrant orange, red, cobalt, and neon yellow color combinations, coupled with black and white. Numerous specialty pieces add to the collection.

This expansion will allow the show to be more appropriately segmented than what it's been in years past. With more than half of the show dedicated to ceramic floor and wall tile, Tile of Spain will have tremendous presence.

Saloni Ceramica, A+A series, the Roberto Verino Collection, is a glazed porcelain floor tile with an oxidized-like appearance. Available in golden, steel, rust, graphite and anthracite and a variety of sizes (11.81-by-23.23 inches; 11.8-by-11.8 inches; 18.11-by-18.11 inches; 11.81-by-24.02 inches; 5.91-by-23.23 inches).

Cevisama 2005 will also be featuring the Trans-Hitos exhibition, which will display all that is new in ceramic tiles and bathroom equipment for applications in architecture and urban development. The display will be the largest exhibition of innovations in technology and design developed by the Spanish tile and bathroom industry for architectural usage and will be a feature of Cevisama in forthcoming years.

Alcalagres, the Dolmen & Lifestone series, under the new trademark Estilya. The Lifestone series comes in sand, tobacco, graphite and gray, in satin or rustic finishes. The Dolmen series comes in polished finish in beige, brown, black and gray. Beautiful trims and decorative pieces complete both series, which are available in 17.71-by-17.72 inches and 11.81-by-23.6 inches.

As Spain's premier trade show, Cevisama is the place Tile of Spain first launches new product design and technology for the year to the global marketplace. Manufacturers will feature new collections and product ranges, demonstrating leadership in the tile sector.

Roca Ceramica expands the company's Stratos range of high-tech porcelains, with the Sigma and Columbia series.

Halcon Cermanicas, the Urban Collection, features red and white body rectified wall tiles, polished porcelain tiles, double-load porcelain tiles, soluble salt porcelain tiles and through-body porcelain tiles. The Urban Collection’s wall tiles are available in multiple formats thanks to pre-cut matching pieces. Colors available are white, beige, gray, brown, coffee, and green in a 12.44-by-17.72-inch format.
Each series boasts a natural look and wide variety of textures. Both are rectified and beveled, with high flexion resistance, low porosity, and resistance to acids and bases. They are also frost tolerant - an advantage for outdoor applications. It's also ideal for high-traffic areas.

Magma by Metropol Ceramica is a porcelain wall and floor series that is available in four colors.

Gres De Breda will present Hidria, a collection that revives traditional craftsmanship. The collection is characterized by its combination of color, form and texture for a natural and authentic look and feel.

The new Hindria collection from Gres de Breda.

Metropol Ceramica will showcase the Magma series - a porcelain tile used for wall and flooring applications.

Keraben, Jacobeo Series, the Neostone Collection, is a glazed porcelain tile available in 12.99-by-12.99-inch format in the rich, rustic color of “Najera.” With matching decorative tiles and mosaic pieces, Jacobeo is the result of a revolutionary technology that allows each tile to have its own personaility.
This gorgeous and versatile tile is available in four colors: white, beige, jasper and anthracite.

Roca will expand its Stratos range with two new series, Sigma and Columbia.

For more information on Tile of Spain at Cevisama 2005 and member manufacturers call the Tile of Spain Center at the Trade Commission of Spain in Miami at 305-446-4387 or visit www.spaintiles.info.