Beige Line by Incefra

New Glass line from Portobello
Brazil's top ceramic producers are rapidly increasing their exports. During the past ten years, the country's production went from 202.7 million square meters to 533.7 million square meters in 2003. In the meantime, its exports were slow at the very beginning.

Swimming Pool line by Eliane
Now the expectation is to export U.S.$ 330 million in 2004. Half of this will go to the United States. With 97 factories producing ceramic tile, Brazil is increasing its levels of quality products; more than 55 percent have been certified for quality. In July 2004, exports were U.S. $ 31.7 million, 63 percent more than the same period last year.

Swimming Pool line by Eliane
The problem now is delays in some routes due to the increasing movement through China. The Brazilian Government is making investments in ports, boats and containers to overcome this problem.

Revestir 2005 becomes international

Chinstar Fair Company, an Asiatic promoter of fairs, one of the biggest in the construction business and architecture, is offering its services to represent Revestir in the Chinese market, which shows that Revestir is really beeing included in the big events of the world of tile business.

Monte Bello by Incepa

Turkey has reserved an area of 400 square meters at Revestir 2005. It will be the first time ever their industry will be in a fair in Brazil. Revestir welcomes all industries in the world to be in the Brazilian market as well.

Terracota line from Villagres
Cersaie 2004

The big five ceramic tile industries from Brazil will be present at Cersaie:

Cecrisa - Pavillion 19 Stand C 1

Eliane - Pavillion 16 Stand B 61-B 66

Portobello - Pavillion 16 Stand A 56-B 51

Ceusa - Pavillion 36 Stand D 16

Incepa (Roca) - Pavillion 18 stand C 3