Mirage's Cementi through-bodied porcelain tile is specially created for the world of interior design. Available in five colors and six sizes, in both natural and lapped surfaces, Cementi features an outstanding aesthetic content, Mirage says.

Atlas Concorde's Extrema
Cersaie 2004, to be held Sept. 28 through Oct. 3 in Bologna, Italy, is the industry's preeminent international show dedicated to ceramic production and bathroom furnishings. The highly esteemed event will be celebrating its 22nd edition this year, and promises to give attendees the latest in tile and bathroom furnishing product innovations from 1,000-plus manufacturers. To meet these goals, Cersaie has expanded the square footage of the exhibit area and pavilions.

Additionally, the second annual Markitecture conference will be held at Cersaie to explore "the production of value in architecture," according to organizers of the event. Markitecture will also be launching two international competitions that will reach fruition at the 2005 edition. For more information, visit www.cersaie.com or telephone 39 0536 804585.

Atlas Concorde presents Extrema, a through-bodied porcelain tile designed to deliver outstanding technical performance. The use of quartziferous crystals and mica makes the surface sparkle against the light, and delicate yet bold structural irregularities enhance the collection's variety of colors, Atlas Concorde says.

Flaminia by Cedir

Flaminia by Cedir is a porcelain tile floor and wall collection available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Complemented by three floor accents and two wall accents, Flaminia is also available in an antiqued version.

Cerdomus' Cafe de FLore

Cerdomus' Café de Flore is a single-fired wall tile available in five colors in a 10-by-16-inch size with five different surface designs. Café de Flore is complemented by a range of decorated listels.

Saici's Pietrassa Series

Meant to evoke the authentic, rustic nature of Italy's most exquisite villages, Gruppo Ceramiche Saicis S.p.A.'s Pietrassa Series is a through-body porcelain from the HI-TECH Gres Collection. Uniquely designed with solid colored and painted ornamental tiles, the series is available in 8-by-8- and 16-by-16-inch formats. Exclusive décor tiles are offered in 8-by-8-inch size.

Tau Ceramica's Gropius, part of the Haus collection

Tau Ceramica's Haus collection introduces Gropius, a floor and wall tile produced with different molds in four colors: beige, sand, ivory and Marengo. The tile comes in

an 8-by-8-inch format.

Antica by Ibero-Alcorense

Antica is a ceramic product created by Ibero-Alcorense characterized mainly by the diversity of its colors and glosses. Due to the company's manufacturing process, no one piece is identical to another, according to the company. A series of accessories complements the line.

Gainey Ceramics

Gainey Ceramics, known for ceramic pottery, now offers relief decorative wall and countertop tile. With more than 45 colors to choose from, the company's products can complement a range of looks from vintage to contemporary. Gainey Ceramics offers two lines; Four Seasons and Elements.

Apavisa's Stoetech

Apavisa's Stonetech is an all-through body porcelain tile series meant to replicate the texture of natural slate. The commercially rated tile comes in five modular sizes (6-by-6-, 12-by-12-, 18-by-18-, 12-by-24,- and 6-by-12-inches) in nine colors, including black, gray, ochre and beige.

Keraben's Futura

Keraben's Futura is a commercial rated, all-through body porcelain tile series available in a polished high-gloss finish, a semi-polished satin texture or in a natural matte surface. Offered in black, white, cream, gray and mocha, Futura is produced in a 16-by-16- and 12-by-24-inch rectified format.

Laufen's Cairo

Laufen debuts its Cairo series, a fully glazed porcelain floor, wall and countertop tile that is designed to offer the look, feel and texture of natural stone. Cairo's high shade variation enhances the five earthen colors. The tile is available in three sizes, with a full array of trim.

Gardenia Orchidea's Celebrity

Gardenia Orchidea's Celebrity is a double-fired white body tile, part of the Versace Ceramic Design collection of wall and floor tiles. Mosaics, together with a wide range of accompaniments, complements the line along with a range of differentiated trim pieces.

Edilcuoghi's Africa

Edilcuoghi presents Africa, a glazed porcelain tile meant to reproduce the look of strongly contrasting natural materials through irregular textured, accumulated mineral sediments and magma veins. Available in three sizes and five colors, Africa is suitable for both floors and walls.

Saloni's A+A

Saloni's A+A is the company's latest series, designed by fashion designer Roberto Verino. A+A has a strong metallic reference which is enhanced when combined with the collections natural stone, glass and metal decorative accent pieces. A+A coordinates three sizes of wall tile with 18-by-18- and 12-by-24-inch rectified, polished porcelain floor tile.

Porcelanosa's Ston-Ker

Porcelanosa's Ston-Ker is an extensive program of stone-like, all-through body porcelain tile with a highly slip resistant surface and a smooth, non-gritty texture. Ston-Ker is produced in a wide range of sizes, from 13-by-13- up to 22-by-43-inch formats.

La Fabbrica's Silex

La Fabbrica's Silex is a through-bodied porcelain tile reminiscent of a rare southern Asian sandstone, characterized by distinctive patterns. Silex is available in a variety of sizes complemented by a wide range of trim pieces.

Eliane's Fuoco Della Terra, part of the Gres Porcellanto Collection

Eliane's newest addition to its Gres Porcellanato Collection is a natural stone-look tile in porcelain. Named Fuoco Della Terra, this series is available in three sizes - 6-by-6-, 12-by-12-, and 16-by-16-inches - and nine colors. In addition, each Fuoco Della Terra tile is brushed with a slight sparkle, making its glazed surface gleam in light.

Impronta Italgraniti's Indian Slate

Impronta Italgraniti's Indian Slate is an unglazed porcelain tile designed to match the natural exquisiteness of Italy's ancient slate, offering a rustic feel to interior and exterior installations. Presented in a multitude of sizes and mosaic sheets, Indian Slate is available in a matte and rectified finish, with a full complement of trims and specialty pieces.

Aqua Series by Rosa Gres

The Aqua Series by Rosa Gres is a complete system of extruded ceramic tiles for residential pools and deck. These unglazed tiles are specially treated during the manufacturing process for stain resistance and feature a non-slip surface.

Villia Ricasoli series, part of Cotto d'Este's Ville d'Italia collection

The Villa Ricasoli series, part of Cotto d'Este's Ville d'Italia collection, reproduces the look of waxed terracotta floors from 19th century Italian villas. The reddish-colored tile has a unique satin finish to create a soft, waxy effect.

Ego by Elios

Ego by Elios is a soft-veined porcelain tile produced in a full range of sizes and colors. The range is rounded off by trim pieces available for all colors in six decorative designs. Ego is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Ceracasa's Betton

Ceracasa's Betton is a ceramic wall tile collection featuring different patterns and design themes. The collection comes in six colors (brown, tan, ivory, light and dark blue, and gray) and features a geometric pattern.

Vitra Tiles USA's Rock

Vitra Tiles USA introduces Rock, a modular tile series available in four earthy colors. The line features a slate-like finish in 2-by-2-, 6-by-6-, 12-by-12- and 18-by-18-inch tile. Rock has a range of uses, including installation in floors, backsplashes, walls and bathrooms.

Ilva SA's Crema Marfil

Designed to reflect the characteristics of marble, Ilva SA's Crema Marfil series is presented in a versatile collection of various sizes, mosaics, trims and hues. Available in three textures (polished, antique and natural), Crema Marfil is through-body, rectified porcelain tile for floors and walls in both interior and exterior settings.

Villiglas' Uni- and Multi-color Mosaic series

Villiglas, exclusively imported by Euro-Tile, presents the Uni- and Multi-color Mosaic series offering a range of striking hues in 2-by-2-, 1-by-1- and 1-by-2- inch sizes on a 12-by-12-inch net backing. Uni-color Mosaics are available in 45 colors, with Multi-color schemes also available.

Florida Tile's Premium Blend

Florida Tile debuts its Premium Blend multi-pressed porcelain tile. Blended in a random mixture of texture, shade and color within each carton ensures a gorgeous final installation on both floor and wall, according to the company. Latte, Caramel and Macchiato blends are available, with matching 2-by-2-inch decorative mosaics and 3-by-12-inch wood-look borders.

Meredith Collection's Coastal Series

Meredith Collection presents Coastal Series, a new addition to the manufacturer's Meredith Art Tile line. The series comprises hand-painted relief tiles with nautical scenes including lighthouses, gulls and sailboats. Also in this series are decorative inserts and a classic nautical rope border.

American Marazzi's Glass Mosaic

American Marazzi debuts Glass Mosaic, a tile collection featuring transparent colors with sparkling, undercurrent flecks to give a unique look to both residential and commercial environments. The collection features 13-by-13-inch paper face-mounted glass mosaics in 24 solid colors and four pre-mixed versions.

Ceramiche Edilgres Sirio's India collection

Ceramiche Edilgres Sirio presents its India collection of wall and floor tile. Textured surfaces are accentuated by a strong shade variation effect and harmonious colors, according to the company. In addition, a mesh-mounted mosaic accent can be used as either an insert or a listel.

Bucaro by Mohawk Ceramic

Bucaro is the latest offering from Mohawk Ceramic. The glazed porcelain tile features a soft satin finish, subtle visuals and softly chiseled edges to emulate the look of natural, antique limestone. Each piece has a non-repeating pattern and is available in four colors in a multitude of sizes, complemented by a range of accents and trim.