A group photo of the Brazilian exhibitors at Coverings 2005.

Brazilian companies are set to make a great showing at Coverings. Altough the exchange rate is not fair at this moment, the main producers exporting to the United States are willing to continue their achievements for a long-term, rewarding relationship. To pursue this matte, new products and services are being established in order to meet your demands. In this issue we want to show you the history of some of these companies.


Anfacer, the Brazilian Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers, is the entity that garners the largest and best industries in the country. ANFACER also organizes the largest covering materials trade fair in Latin America - REVESTIR - that brings up new products, solutions and technology. REVESTIR is the perfect environment for business meetings in Brazil. Due to REVESTIR and the variety and quality of its products, Brazil has increased its sales worldwide, especially on the North and Latin American market. If you need more information on Brazilian ceramic tiles and manufacturers, please, visit our stand; we will be glad to help you.


Ceramica Alfagres Ind. e Com. Ltda (Arbe in US) is the most modern industry of ceramic floor tiles in Brazil, and started operation on October 15, 1998. It is located in Ipeúna, in the countryside of São Paulo State - Brazil. Having a total floor space of 18,000 square meters (around 194,000 square feet). Its aim is to offer quality products to customers with at a reasonable price, following all international standards. With a production of 300,000 square meters/month, it is continually expanding its production capacity and improving the quality control system. Its clay technology makes a difference between Alfagres products and its competitors. The system reduces the clay grains to small particles, which are pressed and burned, resulting in a product with less than 4 percent water absorption. Because of this low water absorption in the tile our product rating is BIIa. This is one of the highest International ratings for our product category. Alfagres is one of the few companies that have achieved this in Brazil.


The origin of the Cecrisa Group dates back to the ‘40s, when businessman Diomício de Freitas started charcoal extraction in the State of Santa Catarina coal basin.The Cecrisa Group, considered a business alternative by Freitas family, began its activities in Criciúma - Santa Catarina state, in the ‘60s.The first industrial unit of the Cecrisa group was Cecrisa - Cerâmica Criciúma S.A., founded on June 8, 1966 by Mr. Diomício de Freitas' son, Manoel Dilor de Freitas. The first glazed wall tiles left the production line on April 11, 1971. Since then, the company has been developing its daring expansion program, purchasing and building new industrial units throughout the country. Today, the company has 5 modern industrial units using state-of-the-art technology in the production of ceramic tiles.


Portobello America Inc. was opened in the beginning of 1990 in the state of Delaware as a company intended for the sales, marketing and distribution for the U.S. market. Portobello America was created to market the products from Cerâmica Portobello as well as ceramic tiling from other manufacturers with which both synergy and competitive advantage might be achieved. Initially, the company has marketed products from two factories: Cerâmica Portobello and Seoul Ceramics. During the following years, other manufacturers and products have been added to the product portfolio; nevertheless, Seoul Ceramics and Cerâmica Portobello have maintained their major influence position in the corporation. Today, the company has five offices and regional warehouses.


Eliane Revestimentos Cerâmicos was founded in 1960, in Cocal do Sul, SC, where there are the administrative headquarters and four of the 11 manufacturing units, including a unit producing different types of mortar and gap filler for jointing, Eliane Argamassas. It is a Brazilian company dedicated to manufacturing and commercializing ceramic coatings for the home and foreign markets. In its 45 years of activity Eliane has experienced concrete corporate growth, adapting itself quickly and effectively to the constant changes of an extremely competitive sector. Its production, which in 2004 exceeded 38 million square meters, is executed in 10 ceramic factories distributed throughout the country, where nearly 2,400 professionals work. Its network of sales agents in Brazil and the world comes to a total of 200 professionals. Sales attained 556 million reals in 2004, almost 34 percent of this amount coming from exports, the channel where Eliane is the clear leader in the country. Eliane is the greatest ceramic exporter in Brazil, with approximately 18 percent of the total of the sales of Brazilian exports of the sector. In 2004 sales exceeded U.S. $67 million. More than 16 million square meters of ceramic coatings were exported to 85 countries on the five continents.


In 2006, Gyotoku Ceramic Tiles celebrates its 42 years of history. Coming from a small business, today it is one of the fourth biggest ceramic companies in Brazil, producing more than 13 million square feet per month of ceramic tiles and porcellanato. And exports to more than 40 countries. Ranked among Brazil's four leading tile manufacturers, the history of the Cerâmica Gyotoku plant dates back to 1964, when it was founded by the Gyotoku brothers in Brazil. Heading up the São Paulo market as its largest manufacturer, the Gyotoku ceramics plant operates with a monthly production capacity of 13,000,000 sq.ft. Exporting to more than forty countries, Gyotoku takes part in the world's leading fairs and other events in this sector, such as the huge Coverings Trade Show in Florida, which is one of the world's largest exhibitions in this field. Its exports are channeled to markets in the USA, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand as well as Africa and Europe, broadening its recognition on the international market.


For the last few years, the Sumaré brand has had an outstanding presence in the civil construction sector. With its daring design and technology, it has established itself as one of the major industries in this segment. Having begun its activities in the production of ceramic tiles in the 1940s, it currently operates with the latest equipment, producing a diversified line ofproducts suitable for various types of surroundings. Its major concern is to be in the forefront of development: to manufacture a product that will satisfy the consumer in the pursuit of beauty, with technical quality level and international standard. This philosophy has been put into practice thanks to the structure achieved by Cerâmica Sumaré.


Angelgres is a Brazilian ceramic company, founded in 1981, located inthe state of Santa Catarina. Its products range are in the lines Rustics, Marbled, Wood and Decorated. Sizes 30.6-by-30.6 cm (12-by-12-inch), 41-by-41 cm (16-by-16-inch) and 45-by-45 cm (18-by-18-inch), for a medium and high traffic, the absorption is never more than 6 percent (BII A Class). In february, 2006 starts a new plant, situated in Criciúma, state of Santa Catarina. The capacity in the first step will be 450,000 square meters and, when in the full capacity to 1,000,000 square meters.


Itagres is one of the main brands and one of the largest ceramics companies in Brazil. With products recognized worldwide for their technical perfection and global design appeal Itagres constantly invests in up-to-date technology and in improving its human resources. Global design, technical support and customer assistance are other differentiating factors aimed at the same objective: the maximum satisfaction of our customers and professional partners.The superior quality presented in Itagres products is built through great know-how and exacting criteria, and to maintain global standards of market competitively in the ceramics sector our company uses the tools such as the 5 ‘S's program (since 1996); a quality control system based on the norm: NBR ISO 9001; an Integrated System for Automated Technological Control (SICTI); and reply channels such as Customer Care Service (SAC) and a system of telesales.


With a production of 1,450,000 square meters/month, that characterizes it as one of the largest producers of ceramic tiles in the country, by the "dry way" process and a quality policy focused on the client, Incefra enters in the 21st century in a constant process of actualization and modernization of its technological site. The achievement of the Certification Inmetro-CCB by NBR-13818 (product) added to the recent indication to the ISSO 9002 Certification and the constant development of new products, always focused to originality, design and market trends, assure success to the sales of Incefra ceramic tiles. Strategicaly located in Cordeirópolis-SP, inside the biggest highway network of Brazil, Incefra keeps an efficient and fast delivery system, to attend the internal market and exports, through the biggest brazilian port system, located in Santos. Altogether, these characteristics have permitted Incefra to successfully commercialize its products all over the national territory and in several countries of South America, Central America, North America, The Caribbean and Africa.


Founded in 1936 by Oscar Chiarelli, today, Cerâmica Chiarelli S.A. produces floor and wall enameled ceramic coverings in several sizes, from 10-by-13 inches to 20-by-20 inches. With its world-renowned quality, 30 percent of this production is sold in the foreign market, to countries such as Canada, United States, Australia, United Arab Emirates and various countries from Europe as well as Central and South America. In a further search to improve consumer satisfaction, the company provides a specialty service, with a qualified team to clarify any questions regarding the purchase, installation, application and maintenance of ceramic facing materials.


Ceramica Formigres is a traditional manufacturer of glazed ceramic floor and wall tiles. Our modern factory produces 1,5 million square meters of 33-by-33cm, 25-by-36cm and 43-by-43cm tiles in rustic, decorated and marbleized designs and assorted colors.


Founded 54 years ago, Ceusa is the second oldest ceramic tile company in Brazil. Today, it is renowned nationwide for the excellent quality of its the ceramic tiles. Throughout its existence, Ceusa has constantly sought to broaden its markets, and is currently present in all the small, medium and large stores in regions throughout Brazil, in addition to the large number of Brazilian contractors and various countries around the world, such as: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Aruba, Curacao, Jamaica and others.


In the 1970s, Buschinelli puts its success down to its pioneering spirit in promoting its products at sales points. For two years in a row, the company sponsored breakfast sales campaigns at different sales points all over the country. Sales skyrocketed by 380% while the event was being held. Buschinelli is one of the few selected suppliers of big retailers (Telhanorte, C&C, and Leroy Merlin) based in Brazil.


Villagres, is the brand for Cerâmica Buschinelli Ltda.The Buschinelli family started their activity around the 1930s. Today Villagres produces and provides to its customers high quality ceramic floor and wall tile. Its products can be found all over the USA as well as 25 other countries all over the World.


Founded on July 21, 1975 under the name of Celma Indústria de Pisos Refrat


Moliza Revestimento Cerâmicos founded in 1971 in the ditrict of Morro da Fumaça in the state of Santa Catarina, comprises of two productions units, one producing "Cotto" and the other producing single-fired floor tiles. The company has recently expaded its horizons to the state of Bahia with a third industrial unit. Recently the company has obtained the ISO 13006 certification and is constantly improving both its quality and services. Moliza offers its clients a comprehensive range of quality products which will enable the creation of beautiful and unique environment. Single-fired glazed ceramic floor tiles: 31-by-31cm, 33-by-33cm, and 40-by-40cm; single-fired glazed ceramic wall tiles 25-by-36cm., make up Moliza's portfolio of products.


Despite being young, Nardini Ceramics was founded on ideas of a mature enterprise, experienced, and overwhelmingly competitive. In the past few years, Nardini has conquered a privileged elbow room in the ceramics sector with strong presence in national and international markets. The secret of this success? Nardini doesn't hide: up-to-date design, advanced technology, quality, excellence in services, industrial flexibility, and respect for the environment are the underpinnings of the enterprise, established on the industrial pole of Santa Gertrudes, in the upcountry of the state of São Paulo.

Brazilian Exhibitors at Coverings 2006

Exhibitor Booth #

Anfacer 745
Angelgres 247
Arbe 542
Bozan 246
Buschinelli & Cia 240
Casagrande 545
Cecrisa 1340
Ceusa 550
Chiarelli 740
Eliane 1346
Elizabeth 250
Embramaco 450
Formigres 443
Gabriella 557
Gyotoku 1356
Incefra 1046
Itagres 1040
Lef 238
Lepri 5647
Moliza 559
Nardini 440
Pisoforte 554
Portobello 1351
Villagres 446