Hakatai’s new Combined Custom Blending Tool

In helping architects, designers and homeowners create tile blends and gradients from various color options, Hakatai Enterprises’ website now features the Combined Custom Blending Tool.

The added tool allows customers to electronically select and order blended tiles straight fromwww.hakatai.com, combining such tiles as glass mosaics from the Cartglass Classic series, with the opalescent glass tile of the Luster series and the earthy colors of the Aventurine series. Using the custom gradient tool, customers can also experiment with more than 70 glass tile colors and create a designer gradient with height options from 2’ to 200’ and unlimited width.

Another tool option allows users to control the intermittence of a given color by increasing and decreasing the percentages of each color. Customers can also select a grout color that is complementary to the chosen colors. For more information, please contact Hakatai Enterprises at (541) 552-0861, orinfo@hakatai.com.