Armen Tavy

When one becomes a successful inventor, as I have with my Tile Spacer product line, the wheels never stop turning. I’m one of those people who keep a pad by their bedside to jot down new ideas when those “wheels” are especially active and I can’t fall asleep.

As humans, are all inventors by nature and the old adage, “Necessity is the mother of Invention,” is the catalyst that inspires creativity, which produces exciting ideas and products every day. Successful inventors also indirectly create jobs, help the economy, and keep the country running.

As trades people, we have been taught to install a tile job so it will last for many years, perhaps eons. The down side of that theory is you can only get that same job, from the same source only once in your lifetime.

Taking that into consideration, I have developed a concept on of how to get some of those same jobs again, and get paid for it every time as well - leaving behind a satisfied customer to boot.

I call my newly developed system “008” Easy to Eliminate - a floor covering underlayment system that can last a day, a month, a year, or longer, based on your client’s needs and preferences.

We have been blindsided by the “rule” that a typical tile installation is generally expected to last the lifetime of the person who purchased it. I say it makes more sense to try and get that satisfied customer repeatedly and for the same job! You read it right. Wouldn’t everyone benefit if we could do just that?

I have come up with anew tiling conceptthat will make it possible. This unique floating tile underlayment system allows quick and easy removal of ceramic tile and marble that’s installed over it with less effort and debris.

This versatile system also encompasses any floor covering that’s installed with any kind of adhesive, glue or mortar including, and not limited to, ceramic, marble, granite, hardwood, vinyl, carpeting and terrazzo.

Millions of square feet of vinyl composition tiles are installed every year. VCT floors and glued wood floors are among the most difficult to remove and no one has come up with an idea for a practical system that actually works.

Since upgrading to a newer home is not always an affordable option for the average family, especially now, it’s economically prudent to just paint, fix up, and retile instead of moving to that newer home and a bigger mortgage.

Imagine picking up your phone and having a previous satisfied customer say to you, “Hello, this is Mrs. Jones, and I recall you telling me that it would be easy to change the tile floor you installed for me several years ago using 008 quick release floor tiling system. Well, I got tired of it and would now like to change it, so when can you come by to give me an estimate?”

This new “mock” adhesive, which I call, 008 Easy to Eliminate, is a gooey type gel compound that never dries, and maintains a sticky suction-like bond to the underside of Tavy Thin-Skin. The 008 compound maintains its flexibility, and when it’s compressed under weight, it holds TAVY Thin-Skin and anything installed on it, to any solid, dense, surface, especially concrete that is sealed, un-sealed, painted, has glue residue from other flooring or covered with epoxy. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, has no VOCs, doesn’t promote mold growth, and its residue can be cleaned and removed from the substrate without using water or chemicals. Scrape off excess with a wide blade putty knife then use dry rags to return the floor.

So what markets do these products appeal to? Homeowners, tile showroom owners, hotels, motels, office buildings, public buildings, airports, shopping centers, individual store fronts, restaurants, department stores, casinos, and all their lobbies. Just think of all the restroom floors everywhere. You could even tile those floors without removing toilets, saving plumbing charges and time. Down time and dust, as well as the cost associated with demolition, will be obsolete.

Finally, remember that we are in a society that does finally care about its future - we’re even actually serious now about building GREEN. I look at it this way, “Today is the present, tomorrow is the future, but unless we change the present we can’t prepare ourselves for a better future.”

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