The U.S. China Ceramic Tile Association in association with China Ceramics Cityis inviting U.S. ceramic tile distributors and manufacturers to visit China for a trade event in September.

 The weeklong “trade mission” will include a visit to the historic city of Fo Shan, where 60 percent of China’s ceramics are produced, as well as plant tours and panel discussions with China industry experts. According to the tile association, the event aims to “assist participants in gaining first-hand market information and access to key industry leaders and potential business partners.”

Additionally, the mission is designed as a forum for the U.S. tile industry to meet with Chinese ceramic tile manufacturers, design studios and importers/exporters. The mission will focus on a range of product segments including ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, stone and specialty tiles and mosaics. The Sept. 1-8 event will feature meetings with “China’s top ceramic tile industry leaders, manufacturer owners and executives, one-on-one business meetings and industry briefings by experts,” the tile group noted.

Some trip expenses are paid, including access to more than 170 top Chinese ceramic manufacturers and showrooms, a free stay in a 4-star resort in the city of Fo Shan, free meals in the city, free airport and local transportation, and free sightseeing and entertainment organized by the sponsors.

The trip will also include a visit to the province of Shandong, a top producer of granite and marble; as well as a day of sightseeing and shopping in Beijing. To register, For more information, call Andy Peng at (408) 898-4104, fax (408) 540-0784 or e-mail Deadline is Aug. 3.