First row, from left: Tony Prince, St. Louis; Mynor Perez, New England;
Second row, from left: Michael Autzen, British Columbia; John McGrath, INSTALL director; Rick Wagner, British Columbia;
Third row, from left: David Meberg, New York City, Keith Jutkins, Chicago; Tom Lutz, Detroit;
Fourth row, from left: Terry Nali, Minneapolis-St. Paul; Michael Gould, St. Louis.

Tony Prince, president of Tony Prince Company of St. Louis, has retired from the International Labor-Management Committee for the Floor Covering Industry.

Prince is a founding member of the Committee, where he served as management co-chairman from 1990 to 2006, before handing the chairmanship title over to David Meberg, CEO of Consolidated Carpet, New York City. The Committee consists of 14 veterans from the flooring industry representing contractors and flooring installers in the USA and Canada, and is affiliated with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. The Committee oversees an ongoing initiative to increase the quality and professionalism of floor covering installers through INSTALL (International Standards and Training Alliance).

“Tony has been an integral member of the committee. He could always be counted on for sage advice, insightful input and steady leadership as INSTALL grew to what it is today,” Meberg said. “We will most definitely miss his presence on the committee, and we can’t thank him enough for his service.”

At the Committee’s fall meeting, Prince was given a dinner in his honor, where members of the St. Louis INSTALL program joined with LM Committee members in paying tribute to the flooring veteran’s time on the Committee.

“I am proud of my work on this Committee. INSTALL has come a long way since those early days, thanks to a lot of hard work by a lot of dedicated people,” Prince said. “I leave this Committee in the hands of dedicated professionals on both sides of the table. And they know I’m just a phone call away.”

In addition to his time with the Committee, Prince remains active in the St. Louis flooring installation industry. He has chaired the Floor Layers Local 1310 Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee, served as trustee for the Local’s Health and Welfare Fund, Flooring Industry Council of Greater St. Louis’ Foundation Fund, and the Labor-Management Committee Fund. Prince is also past president to the Flooring Industry Council and a past direct of the Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association. He lead in the design of the flooring superintendent training program curriculum for the St. Louis Community College and is a winner of the Century Club Award and Certified Flooring Contractor Affiliation from Armstrong.