Hi Dave,
I'm a small (very small) one-man tile contractor in San Pablo, CA, just north of Oakland. Have been in the trade 30 years and on my own for 18. Actually used to help Mike Byrne in '78. I've enjoyed the trade, [it] has its moments, but am happy doing what I do. I've been fortunate through the years to get hooked up with some real good high quality contractors, some good upstanding people. What's most important to me is quality.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy your articles every month -- the one on "Waterproof or Vapor Proof" [TILE Magazine, March 2008] was excellent.

I also remember your quote on the Robinson test! I float all my walls and only Hardi Board a floor when I have to, old school but I prefer it that way. I know things are changing all the time and your up-to-date "in the field" information is the greatest! I cut these articles and file them and have pulled them out many times to review on some problematic projects, especially crack suppression.

Like you mentioned we're tile contractors not engineers or physicists but our heads get put on the chopping block first.

Keep those great articles coming!
Rick Moale (via e-mail)

Dave Gobis responds:


Thanks, appreciate the feedback. First and foremost, I am and always have been an installer so it is with that thought process I try to explore different subjects. We will have a lot of new material in the up and coming months to keep those articles fresh!

Best Regards,

Dave Gobis
Technical Director
Ceramic Tile Education Foundation