Edson Gaidzinski Jr. (left), Anfacer’s newly elected chairman of the board, will succeed and improve upon Adriano Lima’s (right) achievements during his tenure of the past three years.

Edson Gaidzinski Jr., ceo of Eliane S/A Revestimentos Cerâmicos, has been named chairman of the board of Anfacer, the Brazilian Association of the Ceramic Tile Producers. The third-generation ceramist follows in his father’s footsteps, Edson Gaidzinski, who passed away in 2003. Gaidzinski Sr. was one of the founders of Anfacer.

Gaidzinski Jr. graduated as an economist from UFSC, Federal University of Santa Catarina, and received an MBA in International Administration (AGSIM), in the United States, where he was the general manager of Eliane Ceramic Tiles for more than a decade. This unit was responsible for 70% of the exports of the company in 2005.

Thus, he had the opportunity to view and improve upon the different styles of management – with a focus on efficiency, objectivity and dynamic business practices in a demanding market. He intends to bring this business vision to his new post at Anfacer.

Following Gaidzinski Jr.’s announcement as new Anfacer chairman of the board, past Anfacer chairman Adriano Lima showed conference attendees the activities developed from 2005 to 2007. Lima, ceo of Gyotoku, emphasized the internationalization of the tile sector.

Most importantly, the importance of creating the first worldwide standard for the porcelain ceramic tiles in Brazil was made. Lima pointed out that in a global market, loyalty is the goal to be achieved.

With the support of Apex, the Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports, Lima added value to the Brazilian product and enlarged the Brazilian participation to 12 international fairs worldwide, as well as commercial missions abroad to countries such as China, France and England. The Arch Tile Project was also added to the concept of innovation and bold projects using Brazilian ceramic tiles.

Finally, the consolidation of the Brazilian brand was achieved during the recently held Revestir where more than 30,000 visitors from 80 countries were in attendance.