Fin Pan, Inc.

Announcement of Product Name Change

Fin Pan, Inc. is changing the name of its EZ Backer™ Lightweight Insulated Backerboard product. Effective 11/04/2008, the product previously sold under the EZ Backer name will be known asProPanel™ Lightweight Waterproof Backerboard. This change affects the name only. The product itself is identical in all other aspects. This name change will affect product labeling, advertising, web site materials and all print material. Fin Pan, Inc. will continue to work to develop innovative products for the tile industry that have made us an industry leader for over three decades. We appreciate our loyal customer and distributor base will continue to strive to provide quality products and service to the industry.


Trusty-Step Anti-Slip Floor Treatment Lasts 4 Years!

Trusty-Step International announces the development of a new formula for their No. 1001 Anti-Slip Floor Treatment. The new formula works quicker and more effectively than the old formula and lasts for a minimum of 4 years. The product can be used on all types of tile, marble, granite, terrazzo and concrete – indoors or outdoors. It can be applied by the end user or by Trusty-Step trained applicators, anywhere in the U.S. Free tile testing is available. Tel: 800-323-0047; Fax: 781-598-4937; Email:;



ThermoSoft offers its latest electric radiant floor-heating mat. The UL-listed system features zero EMF and offers a lifetime warranty. ThermoSoft’s 1/8” contractor-grade heating mats are designed to minimize floor height and lay flat for quick installation. Mats are easily manipulated on-site to fit any space. The 1/2” mat grid allows penetration of thin-set or self-leveling cement for one-step installation.