Istanbul, Turkey is again the designated venue for the 21st edition of UNICERA Ceramic and Bathroom Fair, set for April 1-5.

The Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group, founded in 1997 for branding and promoting Turkish Ceramics globally, has expanded its activities in conjunction with a brand consultancy firm and an advertising agency. Several events have been organized and Turkish ceramics have been participating in fairs in order to promote Turkish ceramics globally and improve the position in the global market by building up their image.

UNICERA Trade Fair will give the visitors the chance to see new products. As the president of Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group Bahadir Kayan says, “Turkish ceramic manufacturers are dedicated to increase the quality perceptions of people that use ceramic tile and sanitary ware products worldwide along with other leading ceramic manufacturers in the world.”

He continued by adding, “Now, Turkey’s ceramics manufacturers are making a concerted effort to change perceptions that the industry competes only on price and position their ceramics as a brand of choice. The focus is not restricted to quality as we are also highlighting excellence in design and harmony. Rather than just market individual products, we’ve started to create strong brands in the spirit of collaboration.”

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