The recent edition of Cevisama came to a close in Valencia, Spain, with renewed encouragement, say show’s organizers, as exhibitors and visitors expressed higher-than-usual interest in the new designs and applications of ceramic, porcelain and stone tile.

According to Cevisama, although “provisional figures indicate that the numbers of foreign and domestic visitors declined by around 16% and 18.5% respectively,” the annual exhibition experienced an increase in non-European attendees (especially from Middle Eastern and Asian countries).

Cevisama again promoted the use of ceramic tile in architecture and interior design with Trans/hitos, the display of trends in ceramic tiles staged by ALICER (Spain’s Institute of Ceramic Technology). Themed as “Redes” (“Networks”) for the 2009 show, the Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers of Spain (ASCER) presented its VIIth Awards for Architecture and Interior Design for architecture for the “Spanish pavilion at Expo Zaragoza 2008” by Patxi Mangado Arquitectos.

The 28th edition of Cevisama will be held Feb. 9-12, 2010, in Valencia, Spain. For more information, visit